Wrong Road UK

It’s definitely coming into election time as more outlandish plans are splashed over the media. Now it’s a £15bn initiative in the government’s first road investment strategy. Including digging a tunnel under Stonehenge!

Why not simply go round?

Too easy I suppose.

Another simple question.
Will it fill the potholes in the roads throughout the UK?
Answer is probably not because like everything “UK Government” talk about it’s a case of there is no money to fund it but at least it looks good (on paper).

I’m sort of surprised that the claim wasn’t that they would be creating a million new jobs or that everyone would get a tax rebate of a couple of thousand pounds. That will come later I suppose, nearer to the election.

Then there is HS2 the fast (white elephant) train scheme.
Ministers claim the London-West Midlands section alone would create around 40,000 jobs. See, they just had to say it.
(Source) Expert analysis of the Department for Transport’s (DfT) spending to the end of February 2014 reveals that the Whitehall-run firm set up to manage the project – HS2 Ltd – has overshot its allocated £101million budget by £87 million for four lots of professional services contracts. That takes total spending on consultants to £188million – or 86 per cent over budget.

Yet that’s not the bottom line and the estimated cost will be £42.6bn, with £7.5bn needed for the high-speed trains. (£50.1bn)

Has one inch of new track been laid yet? That would be a no.
Total in theory for the two projects? £65bn.

Question:- What is a pipe dream?
I found this interpretation and it sorts of sums it all up:-

An unrealistic hope or fantasy.

The truth is that there is no money and the national dept is rising even faster past £1.458 trillion quid. i.e. the UK economy OWES all that money to someone (mainly in interest payments). Heck I go overdrawn by £1 and I get threatening letters. Still I suppose if you can just print more paper, why should the government be worried.

Yet why should they then bother about the little things in life like child poverty in the UK. Yep, CHILD POVERTY! In the land of milk and honey where the pavements are covered in gold.

But don’t take my word for it :- Independent Newspaper. (Edited)

George Osborne is presiding over “scandalous” cuts in support for poor working families that are putting the UK in breach of its commitments to the United Nations, the Government’s Children’s Commissioner for England warns today.

“The basic fact is that there are families living in the fifth-biggest economy in the Western world who are making choices about whether they can afford to heat their house or feed their children,”

The welfare bill is projected to have been cut by £27bn by the election in 2015. Welfare, i.e further kicking the little guy when he’s down.

As I’ve said before, survival doesn’t just mean coping with a disaster but for millions of poor in the UK it’s a daily grind of surviving the actions of a hostile, oppressive government.

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  1. I can’t think of any logical reason for a tunnel here. They’ve already spent a fortune on a visitors centre, and that was a dead loss when it opened according to reports.
    In a hundred years, it won’t be Stone Henge anymore, but Fraggled Rock. Daft.

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