The rise and rise of the Pound (£) shop

dYou can always tell the state of a society by how it shops.
We have a large city near us and in the main shopping precinct is no less than twelve “Everything costs a £ (pound) or even £0.99 (99 pence) shops within a 1/4 mile radius of the center.

They sell almost anything including foodstuff at knock down prices.

There are also the supermarkets.
The big boys and the up and coming little guys.
ALDI and LIDL to name a couple
These little guys have tapped, very successfully, into the working man’s world offering realistic prices for cash strapped shoppers. Even if the brand names would be more familiar in deepest Europe, most everything is flying off the shelves.

Bottom line?
The big boys and the more expensive household items shops are floundering whilst the “Stack it high, sell it cheap” outlets are making money hand over fist.

This is not a status thing either and you often see those who used to shop in the “more upper class” outlets picking through the bargains with us lot i.e “The riffraff”.

It’s a matter of simple economics in the UK.
You get paid.
Then some do the sensible thing and clear their bills.
Only after that do they look at what is left to live on.
For most in the UK that’s not a lot.
So why pay for high-priced goods in super large , massively staffed, slick, cartel price-fixing type megaliths when the little 7-11 shop does the same for less?

For the prepper it’s a Godsend the arrival of these outlets.
Cheap foods and tools, realistically priced, and no one gives a damn if you bulk buy.

Add Internet shopping, flea markets on a weekend, and the British love of the garage and car boot sale, I’m actually thinking the recession (which the government say we haven’t got) and the austerity measures (which are only going to get worse) are driving the UK back into the arms of the little corner shops.

Makes me all misty eyed just thinking about it all.

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3 Responses to The rise and rise of the Pound (£) shop

  1. Some of the discount shops sell brand names anyway, which attract more people in. I laugh at the toffs who do their shopping in a pound shop and put their purchases in a ‘posh’ carrier bag! Hypocrites. 😀

  2. I love our $ stores which I take it are similar to your £ stores excepting the difference in value. Just be sure to test thouroughly those lower priced preps (indeed all preps) another great post! Hope you dont mind my sharing?

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