Identifying A UK Veteran


  • Clothing, attire? Possibly.
  • Shiny shoes? Sometimes.
  • Hair high and tight? Rare but not unknown.
  • Tattoos? Occasionally (usually a little faded).
  • Language, speech patterns? Sometimes (especially if you include mil-speak)
  • Demeanor, manner, attitude, behavior, carriage, deportment, and front?


There again you could just look for the badge.

Hows about the rest of the  World’s Veterans?

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2 Responses to Identifying A UK Veteran

  1. shtfprepper says:

    We are a very large Navy community where I live. There are two Naval bases and one is an air station, so lots of aviation around these parts.

    Anyhow, when we’re out and about, I can spot active duty military pretty easily. Usually you find the haircut and/or the civilian clothing which is new, spotless, even jeans sometimes have ironed creases. Having been in the military, such as yourself, it’s easier.

    I gave a waitress a good bit of money and had her apply it to a table of sailors (in uniform). I did not let the Navy folks know that it came from me. I just left after I paid part of their meal. It was a good feeling.

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