Totally Naive

The publishing of a report about US torture and then everyone and his monkey’s uncle proclaiming “Shock and Horror” is so typical and sickeningly stupid of the Western world. I’ve got but one question:


It’s war outside their fluffy bunny world and the other side doesn’t give a toss about Western sensibilities or the rule of law.

I cite the beatings, beheadings, rape, and mass murder of men, women, children, and babies by terrorists. At least I think they are terrorists because tomorrow the US will probably re-equip and train them as freedom fighters.

Do the idiots who are still trying to “play by the rules” actually think they are going to win against terrorism?

Oh please, retire back to your padded cell and suck your thumb.

Laws are why the weak-minded and “democratically governed”  lose EVERY TIME against extremists, fundamentalists and terrorists.

Whilst Rules of Engagement (decided by politicians most of whom have never served a day in uniform) are also the reason why so many of our troops get maimed and murdered.

I remember some military leader saying years ago that the reason why wars are lost is they are now TOO PUBLIC.

Boy was he right.

Add all this accountability crap, a demand for openness, demanding transparency in operations, the legal system coming after some soldier because he upset some terrorists delicate sensibilities, let alone the international communities bleeding heart brigade baying for “justice” the whole time.

Next question,
Why is it always them who actively promote regime change, support terrorism, claim the moral high ground, and have STRONG religious views all support the bad and the terrorists BUT NOT seek justice for the people who were murdered by the same?

Meanwhile in the UK

Through successive years more laws and regulations, political correctness, multiculturalism, and “respect” for other faiths, have HAMMERED the average UK sheeple into the ground.

Yet have all these laws stopped UK terrorism, racial hatred FROM the “other religions” in the UK, ethnic tensions in the UK, rape of white children by ethnic minorities in the UK, and the seemingly endless supply of wanna-be  jihardists that the UK ethnic minorities spawn? NOT AT ALL.

The UK government also wages a constant war of attrition and torture by wearing down or weakening the resistance of the weak, sick, disabled, unemployed, and poor.

It don’t matter about what all the B.S. political blogs write, the politicians say, the harsh words in the media criticizing the UK governments heartless actions (when they are not too busy attacking the same weak, sick, disabled, unemployed and poor), here is the reality.

A letter drops through the slot onto the mat and millions of people who are poor, sick, disabled, or even the jobless shudder. You want fear, pain, mental anguish, and suicide caused by torture? Look no further than the BASTARD UK government.

That letter could be a DEMAND for another round of senseless medical assessments or the STOPPING OF ALL WELFARE due to some cock-up and nasty bit of legislation the UK government has passed. Anything to get people off the unemployment count.

Even worse it could be a letter of eviction, debt letters, summonses, and the 1001 other things that can happen to you in todays UK’s caring society.

They have consequences do those letters.
Source (edited) Under the callous benefit rules, ex- soldier David Clapson, 59 had his £71.70 ($114)  a week Jobseeker’s Allowance axed – merely because he missed an appointment with an adviser. Stripped of his income, the 59-year-old could not afford food or electricity and died starving, ­penniless and alone at his home. His death was from diabetic ­ketoacidosis – caused by not taking his insulin.

That he kept in his fridge which was not running anymore.

I could go on yet what’s the point.
Torture is inflicted daily by the UK government on its own population yet they too will probably start bleating on about those poor terrorists being tortured. There again they may just keep quiet. After all they were involved in the RENDITION transport of people to the Middle East for “interrogation”. Having said that they have a habit of throwing servicemen to the wolves to “keep up appearances”.

I have however found another politician beside Putin that clanks when they walk.
(source) France’s Marine Le Pen.
Interesting isn’t it when you think about the other milksop politicians in the world that Marine Le Pen the leader of the far-right Front National party, has such a  straight forward view on things.

Miss Le Pen said: “There can be cases, if I may say so, when a bomb is going tick-tock and will explode in an hour or two and will perhaps kill 200 or 300 people, when it is useful to make the person talk.”

Asked whether torture could be used to do so, the leader of the far-right Front National party replied: “With the means that you have.”

She’s got my vote!

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3 Responses to Totally Naive

  1. I have been watching Mamselle Marie for some time, and she has my vote also. Along with a growing number of German as well as French admirers. Sizeable numbers of people in the EU sheeple lands are starting to open their eyes. Here too. Just my opinion

    • Marie Le Penn and her father have for a long time held my interest. It’s nice to hear politicians with a straight forward agenda.

      I was also watching the German protests on RTtoday.
      Guess what I feel about that too?

  2. shtfprepper says:

    Government’s are “legally” killing their own people because of the rules and regulations that THEY wrote. When someone dies, people will just shrug their shoulders and think “Well, he didn’t play by the rules, so the consequence is on him. C’est la vie.”

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