Wash Cloth

A mundane thing yet in everyday use.
Thinking modern micro fiber, face flannels and sponges.
What do you use to wash your ‘bitz and pieces’ with?
I’ve tried them all yet the thing I like the best is:-
socksWell not quite the dirty one but the trainer socks you can buy REALLY cheaply, are mainly a cotton / synthetic blend and nice and thin to allow rapid drying.

Multi-use too.
How many of you have a water filtration system like (and I hate quoting trade names) the Katadyn? Or like me have made your own (same filtration just a fraction of the cost!) using a standard ceramic filter candle and a few odds and ends?


One thing is certain, no matter what you use, dunking it into muddy water with a lot of suspended matter (turbidity) shortens the life of your filter dramatically BUT BY simply slipping a clean sock on the end it acts like a coarse filter.

Does it all stop there?
Not with an absorbent sock it doesn’t.

  • It’s also a useful mini pat dry for feet, underarms, and crotch.
  • A clean one will allow you to soak up condensate from metal.
  • Tea leaves, anyone remember them? Leaves go in the sock and steep in boiling water plus others that include medicinals like tree bark (tannin), strawberry leaf and pine needles (vitamin C). All listed in your copy of FM 21-76  US Army survival guide.
  • Load it with sand, coins, or small pebbles and it turns into a weapon. Not quite a blackjack BUT nevertheless pretty efficient.

As said, multi-use.

Anyway, once you have washed, what do you do with the now damp thing you used?

  • Some will pop it in a ziplock bag (works for me) but, especially in summer, and over time it can get a little smelly.
  • The professionals or rich will probably use disposable clothes (probably more hygienic).
  • Some dangle their sponge or cloth on a string and leave it to air dry hanging from the back pack (also works for me)
  • The good old campfire (smoky BBQ flavor) gets a mention
  • Or some like hanging it out in the sunshine.

Bottom line is most of us will use a cloth to apply and take off soap when washing our bodies and it’s something to think about.

As is downloading and printing out your own copy of FM 21-76.

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  1. Reblogged this on Adventures in Learning New Skills and commented:
    Some good thoughts here. I’ve been cutting up old t-shirts for the same purpose.

  2. t-shirts are awesome, and can make great field-expedient bandages in a pinch! Everything you can do with a sock you can do with a t-shirt, though steeping tea and washing up are a bit less no-brainer with a t-shirt, but then, there’s not that, “OOOOOhhh, you steeped me tea in your sock?” crazy look from your partners around the fire.

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