Dog Tag

Anyone ex-mil still wear them?
I do but the content has changed a bit as has their use.


From Number, Name, Religion, Blood Group to:-
Name, Blood Group, and now a Medi-Alert.

Then there are the subtle changes to standard issue.
One edge has been honed to almost a razor sharp finish.
A 3mm hole allows me to signal with it.
That also allows me to make a makeshift water bead magnifying glass.
Old eyes and small print is sooooo small nowadays.
The can opener hasn’t changed though, that’s always been there.
After all what good is a can of beans and no way of cleanly getting into it.
A curved sewing needle, HUGE eyed one too.
Because you can always find thread but never a needle.

Then there is the handcuff key.
I’ll give a Yeeha for the person who can work that one out.

The whole bundle caused a stir though when flying simply because I forgot it was there when going through security. Got to hate those scanners haven’t you?

The reaction was typically WAY O.T.T. and you would have thought I was trying to smuggle a firearm onto the plane round my neck.

“What’s it all for?”
“Medi-Alert, something to eat, darning socks, and in case I forget my name”.

Frowns from the two of them who had descended on me, wands a twitching, gloves flexing.
No sense of humor have some people I’m thinking.

“Well it can’t go on the plane”.
“Why not?”
“It’s an offensive weapon”.
“Supervisor please”.
Up trots a guy, middle-aged, tired looking, that look that says “I’m working with children, what do you expect”.
Same questions, same answers BUT as expected he says no problem.
Then he says “How long you been out?”
Takes an ex-mil to recognize one doesn’t it?

Twenty minutes later I’m escorted straight through all the remaining checks by him. I’m guessing the US TSA would have had kittens about that one BUT to him? I guess he was just happy to chew the fat about happier times.

Oh yeah, he roared with laughter about the key!

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  1. Wait???! We can take those off now? The blasphemy, you say!

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