Help Needed (‘coz I’m dumb)

As my regular readers will know, I’m not exactly Internet software friendly so I’m hoping for a little expertise please guys and girls.

Today a new tilt in my otherwise perfect world has occurred.

Using Firefox, or (spits on the ground) Internet explorer, or Opera (which I hate anyway), I cannot access any websites via Startpage i.e. my preferred browser, or even (second spit) Google, or any of the other popular search engines (pass the mop please).

Yet using ANY of the many black webs, I have free access to everything using their own browsers.

So, a simple question, what’s going on?

p.s. That’s why I’ve not been able to tick “Like” today!!!!

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10 Responses to Help Needed (‘coz I’m dumb)

  1. shtfprepper says:

    Are you talking about If so, I accessed it using Google’s Chrome browser, Firefox, and Comodo. If not, what specific sites are you talking about? Send me a complete web address that you can’t access and I’ll give it a go.

    • Thanks for that Bro except I can access anything I want “dark side” routing.
      It’s just the conventional route and I’m kinda thinking both me and SWMBO are being blocked.
      Beginning to pee me off a tad.
      For example, I can’t even access without going dark.

  2. I’m not having any problem like that either. But me thinks me’s pretty far away. And for the record, you’re far from dumb.

  3. bobby90247 says:

    Give it a day or so. I had a similar problem with Google Chrome for minute and then, OKAY! Everything was back to normal!

    Must be a glitch within the Internet or something? I have no idea!

    While Google Chrome wasn’t working, I used Internet Explorer.

    Whatever the problem, “WE” have no control over it!!!

    • Got that bit there again were we ever in control?
      Yet here I am, working via the dark net, as per usual (except none of the “click here” works).
      I’m pretty convinced that it’s got to be something to do with how the big guys work thus now I ‘m not part of their game, all works OK.
      Still I’ll complain to the ISP, get the usual crap about rebooting your PC and clearing the cache, as they frantically swear under their corporate beards having been discovered as incompetent once again.

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