Field Clothing

With a sob I have to report the demise of my body warmer.
bodywarmerIt had loads of life left in it and had been trained to leap off the coat hook with a simple whistle. Maybe it needed a “little” wash and perhaps a good spray of DDT but it was ‘me shaped’ and comfy. OK the zip was a little sticky (as was the neck) but I call that field conditioning.
Anyway, very sneakily, SWMBO managed to prise it off my back, without me noticing, and after emptying the ½ tonne of very useful items (except she called it crap) scattered through the pockets it was dumped unceremoniously into the nearest SKIP.

Now I thought of retrieving it the old-fashioned way.
dumpsterdiveBUT I got “the look”.
Come-on guys, we’ve all experienced it, even Mr Macho has at some time.
The steady gaze, the “Just you dare” tilt of the chin.

dontyoudareSo I didn’t . Me, a scared cat?
Oh you better believe it, I like to sleep nights!

Still as a result I’ve got a nice new fleecy thing to play in.
Now about that oil change!

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4 Responses to Field Clothing

  1. SWMBO cares about you, you JERK! 😀

  2. gamegetterII says:

    Happens to all of us when we have a significant other-or a wife.
    Mine tossed a perfectly good pair of wool hunting pants out,because I left them in a pile of clothes I had removed when I returned from hunting.
    She said they smelled worse than a wet dog-more like a herd of wet cows,and had every time I’d ever worn them.
    Now,a pair of wool hunting pants is way out of my price range.
    I really,really miss those wool pants. warm even in rain and snow,and I could have maybe got some of the wet dog/wet cow smell out-but wet wool smells like wet wool-not much you can do about it.

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