Sharpening Systems update

A question has been asked about the wood block I use with a sharpening stone i.e. the sizes I use.

This from the article Sharpening system
Don’t forget, it’s also all about the angle you hold the blade to the stone.
Here are some common angles to use when holding your “blade” to a stone, glass, leather strop, or other sharpening medium i.e. diamond, carbide, carborundum.

Around 20 degrees is generally what I keep to and I use a simple  wood wedge cut to that angle as a guide. Don’t forget though, 20 strokes on one side needs 20 strokes to the other, the key is to keep things equal and don’t force the cut, a light even pressure. It takes time and patience.

The dimensions of the wood block I use.

The bench sharpening stone is 50mm wide.
The average depth of my camp / slicing blade 25 mm


Block dimensions are:-
Camp knife:-
9 mm Deep, 25 mm base, which is nearly 19.8 degrees
For Slicing:-
7 mm Deep, 25 mm base, which is nearly 15.6 degrees
My Machete:-
15 mm Deep, 25 mm base, which is 31 degrees

Does it wear out quickly?
Sort of, yet provided the wear is linear on the base I only change it one a year.

My Kukri (aka Khukri) is a bit different when sharpening.

The angle of the blade is a series of  sweeping curves so VERY HARD to sharpen on a stone. Thus it is best to use a small finishing file or the blunted Chakmak (the little sharpener) as a “steel”.
DO NOT USE THE LITTLE KNIFE (Karda) for sharpening.
That’s kept for fine knife work.
Remember a kukri is a tool, NOT a fine blade BUT with a file applied to around 20 -22.5 degrees on both faces, I manage to create a sturdy edge suitable for most camp uses and dressing meat.

I still use the 9 mm wood block to angle the file correctly.
Having said that, to finish off the edge I also use a simple two grade hockey puck type carborundum stone or a fine round slip stone.
Don’t forget though, the steel of a kukri often isn’t as tough as it looks so it will dull with heavy use.

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