UK’s new bit of Ukrainian B.S.

Britain to treat wounded Ukrainian soldiers in English hospital.

Ok, my stance about the military is well-known and I believe that OUR armed forces should get all the help they can get but come on, to fly these Ukrainians to the UK, WTF is going on?

Then it dawned on me, it’s another one of those pointless political gestures the UK government are so fond of doing and further down the article was this:-

“The UK stands squarely behind the Ukrainian people and government as they defend their nation’s independence and work towards the political, economic and governance reforms that are vital to rebuilding the country,” (Foreign Secretary) Hammond said in a statement.

There we go, pure political B.S. and probably to a script written out for him by the US state department. All part of the “special relationship”.

What about them looking after THEIR OWN wounded, maimed, and long-term hurting service personnel.
No, the UK MOD’s approach is to discharge them as soon as possible out of the forces into the 3rd world civilian maelstrom jokingly called the National Health Service and the equally inept and vicious welfare system.

The UK needs a properly publicly funded VA with its own hospitals, doctors, and long-term welfare system NOW! Looking after our own service personnel and their dependents first and foremost!

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One Response to UK’s new bit of Ukrainian B.S.

  1. shtfprepper says:

    Substitue the UK for the USA and it’s all the same and not a surprise. I’ve always felt that we need to take of our own first and then help others. Otherwise? Down, down, down we go……

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