I give you 7 days

That’s about 80% of you gone in the first week.
Yet you’ll not find that written in any book, government leaflet, or even in the media.

Imagine your world has faced total economic and social collapse, civil war, plus no rule of law. Just imagine what also happens when  the supermarkets remain shut.

They will you know.
With last-minute ordering the last chocolate bar will be off the shelves in less than 7 days. Less than that with looting.

As for WW3 occurring?
Your life expectancy from you being irradiated let alone you breathing in a lung full of radio-active sh#t, chemicals or bio-poo is probably going to be more like DAYS than months or years.

So when I read so much B.S. about years of stores being laid down, colony’s, bugging out to a carefully provisioned ‘lair’ where you will live for ever in complete harmony with nature. You armed to the teeth, tactically wonderful, and as hard as nails!


Ah, someones got the idea I’m thinking that I’m going to be one of the 20%?
OK we may stand a slightly better chance then the unprepared but nothing is certain. Yet my expectations are realistic, I’m just hoping to survive until someone sorts out the mess.

There again that’s only talking about week one and come a nuke or two going pop I’m not sticking my nose outside for at least a fortnight. As for Bio-poo? Add another week minimum.

Personally we’re hoping for a mass die off (including the rats) as it’ll make our life so much easier.  Yet that will still leave a few souls to cock things up and GOD isn’t known for his good taste in who stays alive.

badguyIncidentally I firmly subscribe to the notion that only the good die young!
Probably why I think we’re going to last for ever 😛

pairNow who’s going to argue that thought?

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6 Responses to I give you 7 days

  1. shtfprepper says:

    Yes, sir, lasting long enough to see a rebuilding (physical and financial?) process start to take place. No one, and I repeat NO ONE, will last forever and I’m not talking about death. Everyone will eventually succumb to no food, medication, and water. Everyone’s lair will be found eventually too. Living in that fantasy may put you at worse odds at the end than some of us. Ce’st la vie. We hope for the best and plan for the worst.

  2. The more you have ammo+food, the quicker you will go. All population zones, will be unimaginable. Rural zones away from mass pop, might get three weeks before serious contact. Believe me, when shooting starts, the end is very near. Cyber is new (not new) master trigger. Watch closely.

    • Within your country you are probably right about rural locations.
      Within mine?
      The country is only some 800 miles by around 300 miles.
      Contains 70 million plus souls, and has over 35 million vehicles on the roads.
      A tiny little island with WAY TOO MANY people.

      The only saving grace is there are only around 220,000 REGISTERED firearms and at a guess round the same on the illegal scene.

      Yet it only takes the one pointed at you doesn’t it?

      • Wild. So many variables but if it crashes, its the dark ages in months ( minus the dragons and trolls and white bearded magicians)

      • YeeHa. Someone else believes in dragons and trolls and white bearded magicians!

        Variables are what makes life interesting YET with all that is going on, and with big business floundering badly, something dramatic will happen. It’s just when.

        I’m thinking that this is all about oil, energy, and it’s pricing.
        It’s something I can’t get my head round.
        If it’s OPEC, why make life so hard for themselves unless they are running out of oil or, have so much that creating a glut will drive others out of the game.
        If it’s BRICS driving the price slump that sort of makes sense as the West is built on oil sales.
        So to Kill off the competition, undercut their marketplace.
        If it is the US hoping to drive Russia out of business then that’s daft as it’s dragging big business down.
        Even the self appointed Gods of the EU are suffering AND BADLY from all this.
        There again who ever said you needed to be intelligent to be in charge.

        It’s driving the world into one heck of a mess.
        I’m just hoping it will be survivable.

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