Watching you do everything.

Forget cyber security, that’s a done deal as far as I’m concerned.
A simple case of there isn’t any.

Heres an interesting article on a real clear and present danger.
I picked up on it from wchildblog one of life’s better blogs!


Now what’s more dangerous to your persec or even opsec?
Someone saying / sending a message across wire / radio or,
Someone popping out for a burger, pizza, or a drink and being scanned, profiled, ID’d, and analyzed by intelligent predictive software?

  • What if they are also listing all who are disabled or elderly?
  • Hows about software classifying your ethnic type?
  • What if you get labeled a drinker thus unsafe to own a weapon?
  • What about going to the cinema, a play showing something TPTB don’t like. Might that classify you as a threat to national security?
  • What if they are watching churches and the like.
    Imagine being classified as a threat because you belong to a certain faith (like being a Christian).
  • As for putting money into a street persons hand or even worse giving them the extra burger you got as a two for the price of one? Isn’t that a crime in some US states, supporting those less fortunate than yourself?

For years I’ve been watching and reading articles on intelligent software scanning you for trends, body language, facial recognition, and even you being in the wrong place (according to someone).
Now CCTV with audio is going to be commonplace plus a weapons scan? How on earth are they going to do that without either x-raying you or a judgment call by software on your gait.

To top it all the thought police will be sat somewhere behind a desk working out whether you need a 3am wake up call KGB style.

What I’ve been saying for years is going live at a lamp-post near you.
In a mad sort of a moment, I kinda find that REALLY FUNNY!

Welcome to the new age folks!

loocctvRoll over George Orwell.
The way things are going
We will need the space.

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