Knotty Problems

I’ve had an interesting day guiding SWMBO through the basic knots of marine working. Why she didn’t beat me over the head with the frying pan will remain a mystery to me as I had her learning how to tie a:-

Round turn and two half hitches
Figure of eight on a cleat
Locking hitch on a cleat
A canal man’s hitch
‘T’ stud hitch
Clove hitch
Double sheet bend
And finally throwing a line

For 2 hours straight!

Bless her, she has poor manual dexterity through developing arthritis but she kept plugging away until all knots were completed.

Now I’m not exactly the best teacher in the world.
Hell, I stink at it! So I tend to use the technique of “monkey see, monkey do” i.e. I show how it’s done a few times, then guide someone through what I’ve done and then it’s loads of lovely practice. Repeat most things enough and muscle memory will take over and you STOP thinking about what you are doing and the subconscious takes over.

Where that falls flat is when the student restarts their brain before muscle memory has been fixed.

Problem is SWMBO is a thinker and thus overrides muscle memory nearly every time.

My solution? Do it again, and again, and again, one more time, a final run, just to make sure one last time please, this is positively the last time I’ll ask you, OK once more for luck while I make the tea, Tea’s not quite ready have another go, SMACK!

goodbetterAfter that mug of tea, we did something else. Dunno why.
Still I can happily report that all knots are in SWMBO memory banks.

bombsuitAll I need now is the password
To pull them out
without the SMACK!

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  1. I’ll lend SWMBO my baseball bat. 🙂

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