It gets better from tomorrow

Today is a celebration day for us.
21st December 2014.
Why? Because it’s the shortest day, the winter solstice!
Sunrise will be 0814 h Sunset 1559 h
Only 7 hours 45 min. of day!

That means from tomorrow the days start getting longer and the nights shorter.

Yippee, spring is only a few short months away.

The pagan holiday known as Yule also starts today.
Got to love the old ways haven’t you.
The Christmas candle, the yule log, from a happier low tech time.

Tradition apart, it also marks the start of winter.
21 December 2014 and ends on 19 March 2015.
Just over 12 weeks of cold, miserable, wet, yeuky sort of weather.
All the preparations for it have been done though, oils changed, antifreeze topped up, and our water and fuel tanks are brimming.

The long-term forecast looks a bit bumzy though. Nothing unusual.
First couple of weeks of January normally suck for us and this particular month usually sees our fuel consumption SOAR!

Still, did I mention that Spring is just over 12 weeks away!
Nothing in the grand scheme of things is it?

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2 Responses to It gets better from tomorrow

  1. I just wanted to say thank you again for this message with me at the most appropriate time. helped me lots to read your sentiment on December 21, late last night when you stopped by to enlighten me with it. I appreciated it. As I do you, Prepper. Hugs.
    And here’s to shorter nights ahead 🙂

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