TEOTWAWKI aka Christmas

Is WW3 just round the corner or something?
Did we miss the signs of an oncoming Armageddon?

We made a small mistake yesterday.  We walked into town.
Only a tiny error of judgment but as always the UK’s population had gone stark raving mad with people filling their shopping carts overflowing in the supermarkets and buying everything not bolted down as presents.

Car parks were full of people shunting their cars and arguing about who got the recently vacated space, and anger was evident everywhere! Screaming kids, mobility scooters driven by evil grannies intent on notching up their score of small children before the year is over, and as for Christmas trees! £20 ($32) for a 5 footer  of a cut sad looking little tree with its pine needles already drooping.

What is it about people?
The shops are closed for ONE DAY and yet they buy two weeks worth of shopping to cope with it.

One thing is certain, people are buying on plastic though.
I watched just outside of a “present” type of shop and it wasn’t folding stuff changing hands just loads of beeps from the card machines.

We used to love Christmas Day even though it started in the supermarkets from November in the UK. Now any resemblance of a religious, happy time has been lost in commercialism.

According to the press, the average family is going to be spending £350 ($560) on presents and another £250 ($400) on food, booze, and the trappings of Christmas day. £600 ($960). Even when we were earning the money, SWMBO and I NEVER even thought about doing that. After all we are talking about 1-2 days maximum.

So, we’ll be having our £10 present dash on Monday where we both walk off and buy fun gifts of each other to a limit of £10 ($12), and meet in the coffee shop an hour later.

As always it promises to be LOADS OF FUN!
😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Then a dog walk to forage some holly
and I’ll ‘gather’ some mistletoe.

As for our Xmas tree?
Cute isn’t it!
xmastree1Happy Holiday

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3 Responses to TEOTWAWKI aka Christmas

  1. So right about the maniacs shopping. Talking to a woman behind the counter yesterday, she said she had her first full night’s sleep for weeks as she had finally got the last present. Poor girl!

  2. shtfprepper says:

    Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah.

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