Move with a purpose people

It’s not often I encourage people to think about quickly building up their stores and equipment for prepping and survival and to review your plans YET TODAY I AM DOING JUST THAT as I’m watching (and getting unnerved by) the actions of the US and their attack dogs NATO.

To that end I carried out a review on our survival plans last night.
SWMBO hates it when I do this as she is a worrier.
It’s not like we’re unaware of what is happening or what could happen YET when you start to look at your plans for this and that in detail, it tends to hammer home the realization that things may get out of hand FASTER than you planned and also occasionally how pathetic your planning was in a real life scenario.

stockpileFor example, this picture isn’t our stores but now imagine a nuke going off and the accompanying “ground tremor”. Where are the straps or shelf boards across the front of the shelves to keep everything in place? Food for thought?

I’m sort of thinking that I’ve got a few months grace though as no one in their right mind would start a war in winter. Especially with Russia.

Yet there is the flakiness of
To consider.

It doesn’t help that last night was the coldest yet at minus 6 Celsius (21 Fahrenheit). So what are our chances of survival in winter in what may yet turn out to be a truly nuclear winter?

I’d say better than some. Nothing more than that I’m afraid and as always it depends on where exactly the crowd pleaser’s go pop. One thing is certain though, we’ll have to go proactive from the get go and with the loss of electricity and fuel, plus the possibility of losing essential services and anything electronic or electrically powered, proactive will have to take on a whole new meaning.

i.e. Forget nice completely.

So today I’m advocating a review of everything you have planned with the thought that you may be forced to exist in a totally hostile ENVIRONMENT with total devastation of your infrastructure, and loss of all of your public utilities.

After all this winter may be the prelude to an interesting year.
Adding to that, we in the UK have the forthcoming turmoil of the UK’s election year. Due date 7 May 2015.

If ever there is a time when UK politicians talk themselves well into the shit this is when it will be. Desperate promises to secure votes, wild accusations, and erratic policy decisions will abound.

There again “the enlightened” will have plenty of time to play quietly as most of sheeple (whoops) population will be avidly watching their droll boxes as they are gently brain washed into voting how the media want them to.

A truly dangerous time for us all. Yet by then it might be too late.

Spring (весна in Russian, “vees-NAH” is how it’s pronounced).
That officially is the 20th March in the UK.
Most mil OP PLANNERS like spring.
Hell more like LOVE spring.
It gives them all summer to play and wrap up their operations before the Autumn rains arrive and winter sets in again.

So, bearing in mind it’s the 29th of December today, that’s just 82 days to go.

Move with a purpose people.

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4 Responses to Move with a purpose people

  1. gamegetterII says:

    His flakiness would rather just give the USA to Putin,and have the country under Russian control.

    • An interesting statement but I fear he personally isn’t in charge anymore but his pen and the hand GUIDING IT IS. There again who’s hand would that be??

      • gamegetterII says:

        He was never in charge-he just ain’t all that bright,he’s always been nothing more than a puppet for the bankers and the military-industrial complex.
        The man is a hardcore leftist,way left of his current polices-someone’s keeping him on a short leash,and calling the shots.
        He came from nowhere-was a state Senator who voted present most of the time-except for gun control,which he voted for every single time. Easily searchable record of all his votes while a senator for the corrupt as heck state of Illinois.
        The big money backed him-twice,but he’s weakened and wussified the U.S. military-that’s why you won’t see much from U.S./NATO in spring.
        We now have U.S. Army NCO’s taking a case of some 19 year olds putting a video on Facebook of them showing new guys the barracks and pointing out a room saying that’s the camp slut’s room,etc. to the top of the Army chain of command-and getting a freakin’ medal for it-WTF? Since when does an NCO not handle any discipline problems within the unit?
        It was a female Staff Sgt.- lousy example to set for your soldiers I think. I’ll give her that she was right to call the guys out for it-but it should have been done within the unit,and on base-not on Facebook-then kicked all the way up to Pentagon 4 star Generals…
        That’s what the U.S. Army has been reduced to.

      • Shame isn’t it but that’s why I’m getting twitchy.

        It’s not the older grunts I worry about but the butt kissers who are in charge, at the top, and have no flipping idea of combat as they are now mainly political animals known for only two things:-

        Practicing their salutes before a mirror and shiny seats of their pants.

        As for social media?
        What can the NCO’s do against that without the support of their seniors? how can they fight political correctness?

        Also whatever happened to “what happens in the field stays in the field”.

        Todays newly created cannon fodder is more likely to worry about his or her mobile phone than a full canteen and ammo. A direct result of poor management and political correctness.

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