Threat Assessment

To all you wanna be Rambo types out there in prepping / survivalist land. Are you all combat ready, steely eyed, hard as nails, gun slinging, life takers and heart breakers?

Well bully for you. Next time I walk down the valley of the dead I shall fear no evil as I’ll take you with me.

The reality is that you are few and far between and the majority of people out in never-never land look and act like inept lambs waiting for the slaughter.

If you are thinking that is the norm and thus no problem,
You’re in need of a serious wake up call.

The young, old, disabled, or pregnant may be considered a “non threat” by some but anyone who has field time in an active theater knows that YOU NEED TO WATCH EVERYONE as some of the most “dismiss-able” types have a few tricks up their sleeves, skirts, or whatever that would render the average wanna be Rambo fish food.

Quick question,
Was that part of your self-defense gun handling course?
Threat assessment OUTSIDE OF “HE’S GOT A GUN” I mean.

Over the years I’ve often found that the average civilian just doesn’t appreciate who can do you harm in the “difficult” times we are living in and thus I strongly advocate the importance of learning threat assessment. Even down to profiling, the political correct brigades hated (apparently purely racial) technique that only the worse type of person uses.

Yet I’m not at all politically correct (P.C) so yes I do assess people using profiling.

Is that wrong?
To discount a threat simply because of their age, dress, gender, or ethnic group? If you think it is, kindly walk on the other side of the street to me. Wayyyy over there please.

Note:- I did a piece called Suicide Bomber? a while ago, it might explain why I still profile.

Threat assessment is a bit different from situational awareness and more thoughtful as you need to learn to LOOK AT EVERYONE and assess them carefully as ANYONE could be a threat.

See what I mean?

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  1. Very VERY strong and widely unacknowledged points. And, as usual, very well written. Keep em coming!

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