Threat Assessment Pop Quiz

Following the post Threat Assessment
Which one’s are a threat?
And who is probably the most dangerous!


(p.s. The baby has a full diaper)

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9 Responses to Threat Assessment Pop Quiz

  1. shtfprepper says:

    Everyone is suspect, even the baby. A person may not hold a weapon, but could be strapped with a suicide vest. In the baby’s diaper too? Absolutely. But what about the enemy’s moral compass? They wouldn’t do that to a baby, old woman, dying man in the field, etc, would they? Again, absolutely. // I clearly remember a discussion we had when I was on active duty. It was about shoot or no shoot a child that is coming towards you with hand grenades wrapped around his torso. Every single man in that room said ” Yes, I would shoot him.” Cold? No. My job is to fight for the men around me and go home safe at the end of the day.

  2. gamegetterII says:

    Every person carry a bag of any type-even women with purses are a danger,baby carriage,guy with shotgun,baby by itself likely some kind of trap,guy w axe,guys w dogs likely OK,kids on bike 50-50 chance.

  3. When assessing an individual or group, appearance is just about completely irrelevant. The most important aspect is the behavior that is currently being displayed and how it relates to the baseline in that particular environment.

    • A couple of things you learn on the streets VERY QUICKLY.
      None are environmental at all.

      Silence is the norm.
      The 1000 yard stare is a warning.

      Maintaining Personal space is vital.
      People live apart from others FOR A REASON. Usually a bad one.

      Street people never look into another’s face except as a prelude to violence
      Beware of someone saying “ours” and especially “mine”, it can be a prelude to violence.

      Those who have the most display the least (in terms of possessions or money).
      Those who are well equipped, clean, washed, and tidy are mistrusted by their peers.
      (Let alone the public.)

  4. Most of the list is on point with what I’m saying. Thanks for sharing!

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