Hell March

A series of military show pieces, the “look how big my dick is” annual shows that should be required watching for all of the EU/US/NATO weenies thinking “Swat Russia, Iran, and to hell with China”. Let alone the politicians and the public if only to scare the hell out of them.

Here’s three to be going on with:-
China [Link]
Russia [Link]
Iran [Link]

Why these three?

Sometimes it’s not the high-tech that matters, but the number of fingers behind the triggers. Having said that, there are some scary things on display, and some scarier things we know never get a public viewing! It’s interesting to work your way through the various armies of the world this way.

Yet I’m guessing that some readers will be saying “very pretty but can they fight”?

Problem I’ve got with that comment is Afghanistan.
The whole of the “allied forces” under NATO leadership have just lost (and lets face it they have) a 14 year war to a ragtag group of fighters at the cost of some of our finest.

Which was just like everyone who has taken them on throughout history, including Russia.

So let’s not be silly by making that comment shall we.

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