Thoughtful Movie

The Hunger Games. The first of the movies.
Taken me a bit of time to catch up with this now cult movie but there you go.

Anyone find it as disturbing as me?

The “two worlds” bit is not new, yet this gladiatorial theme, the rich watching the slaughter of the “poor” in an arena? That got to me from the get go.

The gap between wealthy classes and poor workers portrayed so very strongly. The use of life as a political plaything. The depth of the depravity of a totalitarian government and how that form of government works with the media to exercise total control.

What, I’m reading too much into a simple movie?
If I am then what sort of a message was this?


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7 Responses to Thoughtful Movie

  1. shtfprepper says:

    Reminds me of being in the Philippines. You were either rich or poor, there was no middle class.

  2. DM says:

    You’re ahead of me 😉 I have yet to watch it, although I have read the reviews as they come out. I can’t do “disturbing” anymore. My threshold is very low. I prefer to think that my mind and emotions are like a finely tuned instrument and when I expose myself to the disturbing movies, media, etc. it feels like someone is bombarding my mind with a sledgehammer. they talk about peoples consciences getting hardened desensitized . I think it’s true. It takes more and more disturbing to stir a hardened heart.

  3. equippedcat says:

    Oh no, it was not a simple movie. Or at least it was not based on a simple book.

    The latest one in the series is a bit silly, especially when Katniss takes down a bomber with a bow and arrow. But not until after the hospital is destroyed and all the wounded killed. And why was the hospital bombed? Because Katniss visited them and the lead guy wanted to make people mad at Katniss. Didn’t work in Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves either… Probably would work in the real world; most people being stupid and worshipping at the alter of the media.

  4. Well, if you continue to watch the movies, it continues to mirror what seems to be taking shape in our world. I read the books, which were much better, but the similarities are scary to what society is heading toward.

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