Danger Ebola

A British nurse who was diagnosed with Ebola after returning from Sierra Leone is now in a critical condition, the London hospital treating her has said.

The Royal Free Hospital said it was “sorry to announce that the condition of Pauline Cafferkey has gradually deteriorated over the past two days”.

Why is the UK government letting people from a known hot spot back into the country. Especially those who are KNOWN to be in contact with Ebola!

All the UK governments protestations about “we can cope”, PAH!
You bloody well can’t and this is an epidemic we can’t afford to get loose.

The really weak bit about this is the media.
Those craven hacks with no balls.
They could stop this uncontrolled coming and going but they won’t.
Because the UK media is the “do as you’re told” lap dog for the service of the politicians and NOT the public good.

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