I’m feeling quite smug

My regular readers will know that I’m a STRONG ADVOCATE for foraging and scavenging, taking what you need, as you need it.

I’ve received quite a bit of flak because of it too.
The moralists, the God Brigade, and others.
I pass no further comment about them.

So imagine the boost to myself when I’ve been watching the YouTube Series “Apocalypse Man” and I’ve included a [Link] if you are interested.

OK I may not agree with some of his ideas and actions, but hey, same meal, different recipe, sort of thing.

Once a disaster happens, your 72 hour bag is going to run out FAST and you will be forced to make some decisions. TAKE or DIE maybe your only choices and that decision needs to be made BEFORE you are walking round with an empty back pack!

Just remember you may not have long to consider things.
The Survival Rule of Threes should ALWAYS be your guide:-
3 seconds if you don’t react to attack and seek adequate cover.
3 minutes without good air or a heart beat.
3 hours without shelter in adverse conditions
3 days without good water (and your medication)
3 weeks without food.

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12 Responses to I’m feeling quite smug

  1. Um, can you please be sure you guys sail THIS WAY and grab me when everything goes to Hell in a hand basket??? You are truly a wealth of information and experience that is PRICELESS. Thank you for another great post! xx

  2. equippedcat says:

    also 3 minutes with severe bleeding.

    Yes, the decision needs to be made beforehand. Not only whether or not, but “how much”. “Take” is a range, not a point. Is the resource discarded or abandoned? Is it in the possession of someone who does not legitimately have it, or someone who does not need it for their own survival? Do you need to hurt or kill people to take it? If you make these decisions now instead of under stress, your odds of being able to live with yourself later are more favorable.

    To be alive physically but dead inside is of questionable benefit.

    • An interesting comment EQ.
      Having been dead both mentally and physically for a short while, your last line made me smile.

      My soul is already tarnished, my beliefs FUBAR, and my judgment system totally FU.
      Still living the past at night is wearing on the soul, and that is a truth.
      I haven’t learned to make friends with my demons. YET I will, in time.

      Now I’m here in body, looking after my own, protecting them to the best of my abilities.
      My love is strong, my absolute duty is TO PROTECT MY OWN, and that is made of steel.
      So when crunch time comes, lookout.
      Nothing else matters to me, no one else matters to me.

      Thus a whole bucket of poo added to my existing pain will not worry me as long as they are OK.

  3. equippedcat says:

    Hmm, that fellow sure had luck finding what he needed and avoiding preditors. Murphy must have been in another city at the time…

    Will a tire pump really suck through the hose it pressurizes?

    Not sure how well that antenna would transmit without a ground plane…

  4. gamegetterII says:

    Anyone who lives in a populated area will be forced to forage and scavenge during an extended SHTF situation.
    If I have to leave my home,and someone takes stuff they need to survive-good for them,at least whatever it was didn’t go to waste.
    It’s also much better to build a network of like-minded friends now,before anything happens.
    That’s not easy to do for a lot of people,and is really hard to do in some areas,especially those areas full of people who depend on government handouts to take care of them from cradle to grave.
    Very,very few people will be able to survive for more than a few weeks on their own,those who have a group of people who band together are going to fare much better than the lone wolf types.
    Even if you just have a couple of families as your group-it makes it easier to survive a long term SHTF situation.
    No one is an expert in all of the areas needed to survive a long term SHTF event,which is why you should try to get people who are experts in areas you are not.That way,every member is contributing a valuable skill to the group.
    It took 5 years for us to put together a group of 6 guys who train at least once a month. Now it’s down to 4 guys,because 2 moved to other states because of the lousy economy here in the states.
    I know we will forage and scavenge for the things we need to survive-it’s not like we will be able to just run down to the store and buy the things we need.
    WE will get them however we can-but we will get them.

    • Good for you.
      As a couple we will overcome, as part of a group?
      Well there are not many here.
      In the UK you’ll find plenty will talk the talk but few walk the walk.

      Besides the English disease APATHY will kill off many, no Tesco’s the rest.
      After that SWMBO and I will find living easy.

      • gamegetterII says:

        We have the same problem here-millions of idiots who know all about every show on the tee vee,but couldn’t cook anything from scratch because they only know how to open boxes and either microwave,boil,or put in the oven whatever the contents of the boxes are-or they eat at fast food places.
        Those will be the first to die off,leaving more resources for the rest of us.
        No Tesco’s here-but there’s a Wal-Mart “Super Center” every 25 ,miles or so all across the USA.
        We have the same problem here with people who will not train,will not seriously prep,and believe that the government and/or military and police will save them.
        We are trying to find a few other people and/or families to join our little group,sadly,no takers and we’ve been trying for 5 years plus.

      • Ouch, 5 years plus. That’s a lot of talking to people.
        I’d offer us but your government don’t want us.
        Not rich enough I suppose.
        That and I don’t fancy walking in from Mex’. 😀

  5. gamegetterII says:

    You would think that finding others to join up in a group would be no problem going by all the comments and posts on the interwebz-sadly that’s not the case,there’s a lot of people who talk a good game online-getting them up out of the chair and away from the keyboard is the biggest problem.
    Then there’s those who believe that as long as they have all the latest cool guy gear,and a $3,000.00 rifle they are now some kind of high speed low drag elite forces ninja-I’ll be sure to take good care of their rifle when they drop it in surrender because they couldn’t run more than 50 feet and change a mag at the same time after they ran out of ammo.

    It’s not that you’re not rich enough for our government-you’re just not a Muslim from some third world war torn backwater.
    If you had a boat drop you off at the right place-you wouldn’t even have to walk in from Mexico-you could just land a raft on the beach,set up a fishing rod,and no one would give you a second glance-heck you would even have warm weather no matter what the time of year on either coast.
    Why walk all that way-if you timed it right-Obama would even grant you legal immigration papers,and allow you to gain citizenship.

    • LOL, Came to that conclusion about my ethnic type and nationality a long time ago.
      It really is the pits being White British!

      Already thought about that beach approach and used to see the illegals coming in by RHIB when fishing at night on the South Coast.

      Not that I gave a toss about it, best of luck to them. Who the hell would WANT to live here anyway?

      Still SWMBO wasn’t and isn’t keen on that approach.

      As for owning a $3000 buck rifle?
      Really, ROTFL, Utter Madness.
      If it falls over it still breaks, although my $40 AK didn’t, EVER!

      Same attitude to cars. Them with their posh 4×4’s, me with my 20 year old Landy. Both dent although it costs less for me to straighten things up with my hammer.

      Credit card warriors we call them.
      With their high tech Gucci cam scarfs and their battery powered EVERYTHING! Looking good more important than function, labels worn outside the gear so you know how much. Yawn, pathetic.

      As for running, (Fire with movement)?
      Nope, don’t do that anymore.
      Can’t now and never saw the point anyway.
      A few people have shot at me in anger and only hit me once so I know I’m not a bullet magnet. Besides I prefer to lay off at range and “plink” away.
      Guess that’s why I love 7.62 / .380
      A mans round.

      Ho hum, and now for something different.
      Emptying the honey bucket (Elsan).
      Life is so full of little pleasures isn’t it!

      • gamegetterII says:

        I can’t run any more either-the guys with all the tacticool gear have a hard enough time time changing mags at the range.
        The $3,000.00 rifle-yeah dumb azzes will pay that much for an A-R here-just because it’s made by H-K,Colt,Armalite,Sig-Sauer,etc-that’s not counting optics.
        I also prefer to plink from long range-Savage model 11 in .308-only holds 4 in the mag,one in the chamber-enough to get the job done.
        The torrential downpour here is finally slacking off-time for me to get on the road,got today and tomorrow for muzzleloader deer season-I already took a buck,so can only shoot does now,one more and our freezer will be packed tight with venison.
        It’s nice not having to buy meat at the grocery store-and venison is better for us health wise anyhow.
        The rain is going to change to snow later today-it’s 56 degrees F now,going to drop to 10 degrees F overnight-should be a great day to hunt deer-they should be up and moving because of the coming temp. drop.
        Have a good day-after the honey bucket cleanout that is.

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