So much Spam


It’s ticking me off a whole lot is this Spam yet I’ve no idea what is bad when compared with everyone else.

I’ve deleted some 60 Word Press Spam comments over two days now and the filtering doesn’t seem to be working anymore because the idiots are appearing in my Comments for moderation. All to do with the very old stuff I scribbled. I’m thinking it’s a good job I moderate everything.

As for my email! Don’t go there.
Is it just me or are things getting worse?

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12 Responses to So much Spam

  1. The more traffic you get, the more spam you get. I guess you should be glad…..I guess.

  2. Haha yes be happy! And you can change your settings to reduce it. I opened my blog up, no one needs a nod from me. However, this also leads to spam 😦

  3. Do you have the Akismet filter on? That blocks out a LOT of it!

  4. Yeah i think their settings changed i been getting massive spam hits too 😦

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