Yet another UK Ebola case?

Ebola in the UK:
New suspected case in South Gloucestershire, as Scottish nurse worsens [Link]

All this time the government are doing what?
I can hear it now, the official words:- “We’re carefully monitoring the situation”
Oh yeah, and you get to fill in a questionnaire when ARRIVING in the UK.
That and have your temperature taken apparently.

This one returned from West Africa and had made complaints of feeling unwell.
Add to that one from the South Coast and another from Scotland who were both tested for Ebola but thankfully found clear after returning from West Africa.

So that’s  the top , middle, and bottom of the UK.
Problem is it’s only a tiny pimple sized country.

Are we having fun yet you idiots in UK GOVERNMENT?

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  1. Proof that the airport checks and form filling are NOT preventative but reactive.

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