A 2015 Resolution

It’s about this time of year when preppers often sit back and think “Am I ready”?

Some of the more learned survival guru’s will be reminding you that it’s a good time to review your equipment, stocks, and make sure your plans are still viable. Good sound advice that is too!

Me? Nope, I’m not going to say that.
Why? Because it should be SOP standard operating practice to do all of the above on a rolling schedule. Thus now all the festivities are over, I’m sitting back, feet up, coffee in hand, relaxing.

So my question to you is why aren’t you?

As for 2015 resolutions? Baloney!
One bright spark I was talking to said:
“It’s my new year resolution to learn to make fire from scratch”.

I smiled , rummaged round in my pocket, and gave him one of my spare gas lighters, and patted him on the head with a “there you go”.

His reaction was “I know how to use that, and I USED TO USE my fire steel, battery and wire wool to make fires. What I need to know is how to rub sticks together”.

“Used to?” asked me.
“So when was the last time you actually practiced those?”
At that light bulb moment, he cottoned on to my point.
Whilst learning a new skill can be important, FORGET NEW until you have OLD ‘OFF PACT’, AUTOMATIC, AND REPEATABLE.

Tell you one thing I will be doing though,
I’ll weigh everything and stack it in a pile in front of me.
Then I total the list. Don’t forget my ‘shoulder limit’ is only 12 kg.
Then I look at the bulk on the floor,
Then at my ‘tiny’ little back pack (30 liters),
Back to the pile which ALWAYS seems to grow in those few seconds
Then at my back pack and start to wonder
“Do I really need all this “STUFF”?

overloadYou want to make a new years resolution?
Here’s a good one,


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