Salvage, Russian Style

I thought I knew a bit about “rough engineering” and being a Recce Mech (Vehicle recovery) until I saw this:-

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REALLY special

sunkencarNATO verses the Russians
when the technology dies?
No contest!

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4 Responses to Salvage, Russian Style

  1. shtfprepper says:

    Amazing that the ice didn’t crack anymore than it already had and that they used old-school “technology” to get that car out. Sometimes, the simplest resolution is all you need.

  2. gamegetterII says:

    Because they managed to pull a car out that had fallen through the ice-the Russians are now better equipped than NATO if technology fails?
    No way-you aren’t figuring the Americans from the rural parts of the country who are serving at U.S. bases all over Europe into the scenario-we can kick the snot out of the Russians without technology !

    • The one thing I found working with various countries armies is their inventiveness RIGHT UP TILL they have nothing but what is round them.

      A joint US and UK team recovered me and a laden 4 ton truck from a collapsed bridge on exercise in Belgium. 2 cable winch equipped vehicles managed to drag my truck off the bridge BUT in doing so they managed to shear off one of the front wheels.

      End of story, it was condemned and left to be recovered by a heavy metal team.

      They unloaded me and off we went plus cargo back to “base”.
      Problem was next morning the truck was gone.
      Local farmer (who must have been in his 80’s) had nicked it.

      His solution to no wheel?
      He and his son AT NIGHT had built a sled out of fence posts and bailing wire where the wheel wasn’t anymore and literally drove it home and into his barn. About 3km away.
      When found he wasn’t arrested (for once the MP’s were sensible) but the truck was driven by me out of the barn to the nearest road (about 600m) for recovery.
      Know what? Damn truck drove better on that sled than on 4 wheels.

      My point?
      6 military recce mechs couldn’t recover the truck and did some serious damage..
      The wood was there the whole time yet it took an illiterate farmer to work out a solution.
      His comment went something on the lines of “you abandoned it, I recovered it”.
      Toothless old bast#rd was grinning all over his face.

      Sometimes the military mindset isn’t half as inventive as those who work daily with less yet achieve more.

      • gamegetterII says:

        “Sometimes the military mindset isn’t half as inventive as those who work daily with less yet achieve more.”

        Which is why I pointed out that the U.S. guys from rural areas are the ones who can improvise and make do with whats available.

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