My Tactics In Survival

How do you see your post “whatever happens” operations i.e. foraging, scavenging, or simply moving round without the rule of law WROL or in a martial law / invasion / war / or pandemic scenario.

If you are trying to remain “under the radar” for some reason that could mean that you have a clearly defined threat to your safety. That threat could be other survivors, marauders,  the sick / infected, rogue or even official security forces intent on stopping looting, free travel, black market activities, or just sweeping up survivors.

To me the worst is the last one as to be forced into an “official aid station” is not very attractive as I see them more as refugee or even forced labor camps. My BIGGEST worry there being the loss of my personal freedom, supplies, weapons, and possibly the splitting up of the family group (especially into male / female accommodation).

aidcampRegarding those “working for food” type government aid stations / camps.
They may also contain an element of “selection” where the impaired, infirm, or aged, would be denied the basics of care as they are unproductive. There is of course the worry about that selection being extended to include ethnic origin, religion, and trade knowledge.

So what do you think?
Business as normal or will you be working permanently under the threat of discovery / roundup?

Personally I think things will go one of two ways. Either the event will be short-lived and normal service will return quickly OR TEOTWAWKI / WROL rules may apply i.e. everyone for themselves, for ever.

As a survivor I don’t mind which happens BUT appreciate that in the short-term, you may have to fend for yourself POSSIBLY fighting off the “best efforts and intentions” of your rescuers and other survivors.

Thus I’m thinking my survival will be following something like guerrilla tactics i.e. a lone or small unit engaging with a more powerful force.

Except that ain’t quite how it will be is it?
The text-book military types will usually quote the doctrine of guerrilla operations as:-

The strategy and tactics of guerrilla warfare tend to focus around the use of a small, mobile force competing against a larger, more unwieldy one. The guerrilla focuses on organizing in small units, depending on the support of the local population, as well as taking advantage of terrain more accommodating of small units.

Very nice Wiki, English not mil-speak, yet not where I’m coming from.
This is all about survival for us and NOT for a political agenda. The only goal I would have is looking after us DESPITE any opposition or restrictions placed in my way.

So I guess we’ll probably fall under the classification of looter, or even domestic terrorist (a term much beloved by the US gov).

Tactically this is where it becomes interesting.
The typical guerrilla fighter uses popular support and local aid for his/her actions. Except that’s not going to happen for us and to elicit such aid could be counterproductive as locals may (by fear or reward) be only too happy to ‘turn you in’. There again they could just turn on you for your equipment and supplies.

No, I’m thinking we’re on our own.

So what aspects of guerrilla tactics would I be using?

  • Stealth Intel gathering and target selection,
  • Planning how to ingress rapidly and with overwhelming force (if appropriate) and more importantly how we will get out!
  • Drawing up the shopping list of what we need and can carry and setting a strict time frame.
  • Finally the egress, and escape from the local area or back to the hide by the fastest means i.e. transport.

Sounds good doesn’t it except No Op-plan survives first contact so a lot of thought will be going into the WHAT IF scenarios.

Now I laid some ground work down in a post called LOOTER.
It covered the practical side of Intel gathering prior to an “assault” and defeating conventional security. Some may find it of use.

Since then though, my thought processes have changed.
I’m less inclined to barge into anywhere now and have adopted a stealth approach to ingress using the most vulnerable part of any security system i.e.  the human factor.

For the most part, in a severe crisis, I’m no longer worried about fast response times of LEO’s or private security. Way I figure it they’ll have plenty on their plates to deal with and come an electrical collapse, 24 hours into that, most CCTV / security systems will have died, back up batteries or not. Thus a lot of my planning is built round loss of the worlds most precious public utility ELECTRICITY.

And finally.
A bit about weapons. I’m pretty certain all the local gun shops and armories in the UK will be stripped in seconds come a major event BUT I still think firearms will be plentiful if you know where to look. My major problem therefore won’t be the iron but the food it consumes i.e. ammunition.
Alternatives are around, stringed weapons i.e. bows and crossbows but they are no match for a firearm even when used in an ambush mode against MP5’s or even the useless personal weapon (the SA80) the UK forces carry .

So until we can obtain firearms and plenty of ammunition (12g shotguns as a minimum) my whole tactical approach will be one of stealth.

Such is the unique problem of us living in the nanny state UK.

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9 Responses to My Tactics In Survival

  1. shtfprepper says:

    George Orwell. 1984. “Airstrip One” *BAM*

  2. shtfprepper says:

    Here’s a picture to use for my reply.. if you so desire.

    United States Army Veteran

    Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2015 20:56:56 +0000 To:

  3. equippedcat says:

    In this country, mobs form at the least provocation, and usually loot and burn. I can only imagine what would happen if they were hungry. The other major concern is the government “helping”. They have the authority to confiscate everything for the “common good”. Which really means, THEIR good. And they have the people and guns to enforce that.

    Really, the only hope is to not be found by either group.

    Even if you had infinite ammunition, you would STILL want to be stealthy. 2 people with a million rounds will often lose out to 100 people with 10 rounds each.

    • I’ve seen that in real life.
      Went to aid a settler to find 7 down and loads of blood trails.
      Him and wife with a FN each, still alive and unhurt, with 5 rounds a piece left.
      They had been under mass attack all night and burnt though 500 rounds 7.62 and a small box of 12g.

      Funny enough they were never troubled again.

  4. wsmarble says:

    I know you don’t think much of NATO, but I took some comfort from the fact that at least we were all using 7.62, which the world’s worst supply system could probably keep funneling to us (if not the other things we desperately needed…). Which brings up the notion that we could also pretend we were organized. Organization of any group is as essential as their resources. Yours’ is a crucial…hauntingly crucial…blog, and a tremendous service. Very grateful.

    • I thank you sir.
      Except I’m thinking most of todays “allied” (and I hate that term) armed forces use 5.56 NATO.
      Gone are the accurate, the modern way is point and spray!

      • wsmarble says:

        …the easier our increasingly puny arms to carry…

        Sad indeed–from 1400 meter effective range to about a third of that.

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