Hand To Hand

Krav Maga experts not withstanding, how many of you would enter into hand to hand combat by choice?

I wouldn’t working on the principle if you are close enough to do damage to them,
They are close enough to damage you.

So when I see the  “expert prepper brigade’  talking about using knives, short batons, or chemicals like CS, PAVA, MACE, or Pepper Sprays, as a general self-defense “must have” item

clickhereI’m definitely thinking:-


Knives, and batons can be extremely effective close range ambush weapons unless you are stupid enough to throw one at a person thus arming them.

An ambush weapon?
Something that can be deployed covertly and in a manner too fast to be countered.

As for chemicals? Some people are totally immune to them (including some drunks, those high on drugs, or the mentally unstable) and for most others they will have a few seconds before the full effect of the weapon hits them.

Don’t forget those few seconds are all they need to seriously hurt you!

Look at this:-
social space

To me it’s all about PERSONAL SPACE, and you maintaining that space.
This principle  holds VERY true to dealing with an aggressor.
Especially one who tries to AMBUSH you. (A post about this problem)

In the past I’ve been in many situations where some drunk or drug soaked youth has had a ‘pop’ at me. With experience you can see and hear the signs when they are building up to an attack but not always so with the mentally unstable or criminal element.

One thing is certain though, if a person starts out the confrontation by brandishing a bladed or baton type weapon, for the most part they are demonstrating to you that they don’t really want to use it or even don’t know HOW to use it.

As for a firearm?
If I get threatened with a firearm I get VERY COMPLIANT until they enter my close personal space. Most jug-heads with guns have little idea about the effects of a firearm but it only takes a twitch of their trigger finger for you to find out precisely what they don’t know!

So remember folks.
ALL BLADED WEAPONS, SHORT REACH AND RANGE NON LETHAL ALTERNATIVES should be used as ambush weapons and for the most part you will have little chance of stopping a close range attack on yourself.



As for carrying whatever for self-defense.
When are you going to deploy them?
To brandish is a weakness, their strength is mostly in the speed of deployment and that will take a finite time and remember by the time you have understood the threat and attempted to unsheathe or deploy ‘whatever’, the first blow may have landed ON YOU.

As for you experts talking all silly about carrying an ambush weapon for self-defense? Please feel free to enter my personal space and try to stop me deploying my ambush (your self defense) weapons .

It’ll be fun, For me!


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2 Responses to Hand To Hand

  1. shtfprepper says:

    Head on a swivel, always. Being alert to everything and everyone around you AT. ALL. TIMES.

  2. gamegetterII says:

    A great many of those advocating the use of knives,batons,ASP’s ect for “personal defense” will end up having those weapons taken from them-and then used against them.
    Unless a person is trained in the use of those type weapons-actually trained-not they bought a series of videos for only 3 payments of $79.95 (plus shipping and handling fees) and now they’re an expert trained-
    Those who have taken professional or military training in use of these types of weapons are the ones who do know how to use them.
    Hand to hand combat is to be avoided if at all possible,and if you do find yourself in a hand to hand combat situation-you are trained to fight to your weapon-so that you can deploy that weapon and eliminate the threat.

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