The Sheeple Walk.

Following on from the reblogged post “When will it be enough”.

I couldn’t have timed the reblog better to prove my point.
Today in Paris, France, a reported one million sheeple marched in protest in show of defiance and unity after terrorist attacks and in other countries round Europe including London. Together with some of the worlds usual suspects (whoops) politicians.

The media was amazing for the simple fact that EVERYONE TAP DANCED ROUND WHO OR WHAT WAS RESPONSIBLE. A calculated response I’m thinking, purely in the interests of self-preservation.

The nearest they got to it was a few weak phrases like?
“Extremist Jihad”, “Charlie often  ‘offended’ Islam”, and of course “Islamic State”.

So what will be the end game apart from politicians being able to say “I was there supporting their cause” and a good day walking was had by all?

I’m thinking NOTHING! Anyone think different?

BUT just imagine if tomorrow:-
Some politician grows a pair and declares war on the Islamic / Muslim religion within their country. Or the tired old men of NATO declare they are going to “eradicate this religion” by destroying everyone and everything associated with this religion.

I’m thinking mass marches IN SUPPORT of Islam and the Muslims. How many of the same 1 million would march in the “You can’t do that” march? Single numbers of 100’s of thousands.

My money is on the 100’s of thousands.
Anyone disagree?

And lo and behold this in Germany:-
BERLIN (AP) 01/10/2015 — Tens of thousands of people are protesting in the eastern German city of Dresden against racism and for an open society. The protests Saturday came in reaction to weekly anti-Islamic demonstrations that have been taking place for months in Dresden.

The weekly rallies are organized by a group calling itself Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West, or Pegida.

Those rallies have been attended by up to 18,000 people, but Saturday’s counter protests mobilized more than twice the crowds — around 35,000 protesters.

Wow, Stockholm Syndrome has spoken.
I rest my case.

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5 Responses to The Sheeple Walk.

  1. I think I understand the point you’re making. But I don’t think you’re advocating war against the Muslim religion. I certainly hope not.

    My personal belief is that news media and politicians are choosing their words carefully for two reasons: 1) To avoid further inflaming public opinion; and 2) To avoid offending law-abiding Muslims.

    Responsible Americans, Frenchmen, and citizens of the U.K. are trying hard to be politically correct and avoid dangerous blunders. It’s possible that many people may be in DENIAL of reality.

    The politically correct pose is to pretend there is no connection whatever between Muslim terrorists and the religion of Islam; to pretend there is no connection between terrorists and the Muslim community. I call this DENIAL.

    Let’s stipulate that the vast majority of Muslims in France, America, and the U.K. are NOT themselves terrorists and do NOT support terrorists. But the terrorists were clearly RAISED in Muslim families and Muslim communities, and LEARNED Islam in their schools and Mosques. At some point, terrorists became extremists and fanatics within the Muslim community.

    The danger we face now is a sort of urban guerrilla warfare in which extremist Islamist fighters swim in the Muslim sea around them. That’s classic guerrilla warfare. Fighters escape by blending into the general community. Sometimes, the community harbors the fighters unknowingly. Often, the community protects them, out of support or fear.

    Most of us have no way of knowing what’s happening, or what will happen, within the Muslim communities. Different things may be going on in different places.

    The answers depend on Muslim communities themselves. Will Muslim communities give tacit approval to terrorists by sheltering extremists among them? Will parents and community leaders allow or encourage the teaching of extremist views? Extremist views provide the motive for terrorism.

    In my opinion, it will become clear which side Muslim communities in the West are on. Will they protect extremists and terrorists in the community? Or turn them in to authorities?

    I have no doubt that Western governments will mount intensive surveillance efforts involving undercover police and listening devices. I imagine such surveillance is ongoing already.

    Extremists like the French terrorists are already known to police. Western leaders face tough decisions about what to do with that knowledge. Will individual extremists be arrested and/or deported before they can commit violence? Certainly, I hope there will be no effort to deport entire communities.

    And for countries like France that already have sizable Muslim communities: Can it possibly be in the best interests of France to allow continued immigration of Muslims?

    • An interesting reply and it has generated an article.
      The comment content “But I don’t think you’re advocating war against the Muslim religion.” was the trigger.
      I look forward to reading your comments.

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