Oh snow you don’t

I’m not sure whether to smile, cringe, or cry.
We left for a field trip today to a friend’s house.
A beautiful, clear, sunny day!
So we tumbled the bedding and cushions to allow them to air thinking the air temperature of 20 Celsius PLUS in the boat would work its magic.

sunAs we left the boat, it started to rain.
It’s just 240 yards to the car.
We arrived in a rain storm.

wetthrough2 hours later we arrived at our friends house having driven through the storm from hell to find bright sunshine. So it made sense to walk the dogs. 200m later the heavens opened, the wind howled, and two dogs have NEVER squatted their backsides as fast as these did.

raindogBack inside.
Sun comes out? WTF is going on.
Went to the car to get the pile of bits and pieces we had bought and whilst I was unloading the boot YEP, it poured down.

About now we’re all thinking we’ve upset the Big Guy upstairs for some reason. Still a nice lunch went down well and we settled down for our REAL reason for coming, DOMINOES.

4 hours later, it was time to leave and we opened the door to the night and SNOW!
Thick pound coin sized flakes, a driving wind, and it was settling FAST.

The drive back looked interesting and as per usual the interchange went “I’m driving, if something happens, you get out of the car to safety and I’ll grab the dog.”

Except not quite, a new line was added. “Don’t forget your hat, coat, and gloves!”

So, GO BAG on the back seat, dog mumbling like mad, the agents of death (boy racers) driving round like they all had a death wish, we drove home. It was also HGV mayhem, overtaking a nightmare as the visibility was sh#t, and we still seemed to have our accompaniment of boy racers.

Fun, FUN, F U N! It took us only 90 minutes to get home to NO SNOW, driving rain, 30 mph winds, a slippery as hell gang-plank, and pontoons slick with that half melted slush of ice and snow that is a recipe for broken limbs.

Remember the 20 Celsius?
Only 8 degrees was left so on went the heating.
30 minutes later, warm as toast!

Tomorrow the forecast is for a gusting 75 mph WSW wind, and loads of snow. Sat here now, supping the second mug of hot tea, SWMBO and I are looking at each other probably thinking. WINTER HAS ARRIVED.


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