The Bucket and Plasters

worldproblemsTiring isn’t it.
No matter what the world’s problems are, whatever the current crisis of the moment is, or the background things that are dragging the world inexorably towards WW3, the politicians of the world react in the same way, they put a plaster on it.

Yet how often do they actually solve the problem?
How many of them actually pursue and eradicate what is wrong?

That would be NONE OF THEM.


I have watched with amusement the coverage of the deployment of the French Army as a “defense” against further attacks. I wonder how long that will go on for? A week, a month?

In the UK you’ve got David Cameron promising to stop people and businesses encrypting their messages (and in particular two apps used on Twitter). Them and apparently terrorists who we all know will abide by whatever law he imposes.

rotglmanAll because the ‘security forces can’t read the messages’.
Duh, that’s the idea of encryption idiot!

Thus he clearly demonstrates his total lack of knowledge about all things digital, analogue, the state of the UK, the world, and how to tie his shoe laces. Need I go on?

All these wonderful plans do absolutely nothing to protect you, me, or our families as the root cause of all the problems is just left simmering in the background.

All because world politicians haven’t got the balls to go head to head with what is arguably the main cause of terrorism and conflict round the world:-


So what are they (i.e the collective known as Europe) going to do about the root cause, the religion that mass uncontrolled immigration has brought with them.

Simple, they are going to spy on everyone even more!
That should solve the problem.


Fun bit about it all?
You’ll probably vote for the party that says it will curb terrorism and a wide range of your personal problems including mass immigration, religious hatred, racism, money in your pocket, etc.

Only before you vote, look in the back pocket of the politician you are voting for.

What are you looking for?


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