A new weather term to me

One up on snizzle.
I used to smile at the term “snizzle” made up by some radio presenter. It’s that horrible mixture of snow and drizzle in case you are wondering. So you end up cold, wet, and white. Add a bit of wind chill and boy you can get in trouble FAST.

BUT TODAY I’ve learned a new one “Thundersnow”
So, what is it?
Snowfall (not rain) accompanied by thunder and lightning.

Wow, can’t wait to see that!
thundersnowCold, white, and electrocuted!

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5 Responses to A new weather term to me

  1. This is so funny……… your last comment that is. 😀

  2. shtfprepper says:

    Last year, over here of course, the term ” Polar Vortex ” was coined for a BIG snow system.
    I wondered why they just didn’t describe it as such, but I think it helps with ratings when you can scare some people to watch your weather news.

  3. Had a couple of thundersnow outbreaks here a couple of years ago so I emailed the Met Office and they got straight back to me to explain what, why, when and don’t worry! Very friendly, nice people. If only they were better at short-range small-scale weather prediction….

  4. They call snizzle “wintery mix'” here. It is pretty creepy and unnatural when it thunders during a snow storm–as if the snow wasn’t enough!

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