Why do you pee when it’s cold

 “It’s Called Cold Diuresis”.

outhouseHow it works is this (Sort of).
When you get cold the body shuts down the blood flow to your extremities (fingers and toes) and all that lovely warm blood gets forced into your central body mass. In effect a quart into a pint pot!

The body is thinking KEEP THEM VITAL ORGANS WARM!

You would have thought after all this time it would learn to say
“Hey fool, wrap up warm and don your beanie hat (woolly watch cap)”.

Anyway the effect is it makes your blood pressure rise which the body also don’t like and it commands the kidney’s to lose water FAST to relieve the fluid pressure!

Wow, and to some it feels like that happens almost instantly!

Anyway the end result is your bladder now floods in record time and you need to go for a pee!

OK I can understand the body and high blood pressure bit yet how STUPID IS THAT. You’ve got a nice full bladder containing warm water and the brain says “EJECT” aka “have a pee”. Sounds really stupid doesn’t it!

Some learned articles say that usually occurs when people are entering into or suffering from mild hypothermia. Just as you are beginning to lose the power to think straight and your body takes over your thought processes.

Except it’s also a function of the fight and flight response too.
That’s when your basic evolution takes over and shuts down your voluntary control of your bladder and bowel.

dunnyAs a result, if you are scared, WELL SCARED, you can suddenly shit or pee in your pants and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it!

A phenomenon not unknown to those who have been under fire, when an IED goes up, or some sort of other “this can hurt you bad” type event occurs.  For those “macho types” who are laughing at the thought of this? I have a simple message.

wankerWhy does that happen?
Ask evolution because the experts don’t seem to have a conclusive answer to that. Some say it’s to dump excess weight so you can move faster, some say it’s to spread scent to distract your attacker. Bottom line? Nobody knows for certain.


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3 Responses to Why do you pee when it’s cold

  1. Bottom line indeed.

  2. gamegetterII says:

    When sitting or standing somewhat still in the cold for long periods of time-like hunting from a blind-it seems that when you have a nice hot coffee or tea,you have to pee just about the time the hot liquid has warmed you up nicely.
    I don’t know why that happens-I just know that it does happen,it happened today,and yesterday,and the day before that…
    It’s been really,really cold at legal first light for hunting,as in zero to -6 F,with daytime high temps of 12-14 F.
    Fortunately for me,there’s a blind I set up that’s a 5 minute walk from my house,so I’m only out during the hours that see the most deer activity,haven’t had a shot at a decent sized deer this week though,of course I saw-and could have taken- several nice bucks,but since I already took a buck,now I can only shoot does.
    Maybe if I drink cold water,I won’t have to pee as much when out in the cold?

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