Cold Head

I’m a bit confused about this one.
According to just about every scientific opinion, you don’t lose the most heat out of your head. It’s apparently a myth, untrue, utter nonsense. Apparently you’ll lose about the same temperature by not wearing trousers (aka pants). That and get arrested.

I also read a study that says you will have more difficulty working out difficult things if it is too hot as opposed to cool (if not a little cold). OK that’s true for me as on a summer’s day the LAST thing I want to do is try to assimilate large amounts of information yet cold, extreme cold? I’m sort of wondering about that a bit because if my head gets cold,  approaching hypodermic temps, I can’t think for SH#T!

So at what temperature does the brain shut down?
Most people think sub zero yet most hypothermia deaths occur in the spring and fall.

Mainly it’s the old four reasons. Cold, wind, wet, and stupidity.

If you let your core temperature drop from 98 to 90° F, 36 to 32° C
You’ll start to lose hand / eye coordination, balance, and thinking things through becomes harder.
Let it drop further 90 to 86° F, 32° C to 30° C
You will be  seriously impaired i.e. Unable to walk or stand and totally confused and irrational. Ask what 1+1 is or even your name and ‘hello’ the lights may be on but mentally you will probably be  out for the count!

When a body gets chilled the first thing it does is shut down the extremities blood flow, remember the post (“Why do you pee when it’s cold”), to keep the essential services going i.e the main organs and the brain. So why would the experts NOT SAY, protecting the head is good for the brain?

Their reasoning is simple.
It’s the body’s core temperature that matters!
Once again DAFT!
For me NOT to wear a watch cap from fall to spring takes two things, SWMBO surgically removing it for a wash, and a day where the ambient is above 8° C, no rain, no wind.

I think sometimes that the experts have never walked out into the outside air in a winter gale without head gear ESPECIALLY if it’s snizzling!
Cold, Wet, Wind, and they have got to be totally stupid if they do.

How many of us have nipped out to the wood pile without a hat on and come back in again with your head feeling like it is being crushed and freeze-dried and as for your ears? One word “Ouch”.

So I say to you all
All hail the woolly watch hat!



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  1. jlm990 says:

    I am always a little leery of “scientific opinions” on just about any subject. The U.S. Air force spent a tremendous amount of money to prove that the Frisbee cant fly. Every Frisbee I ever met as well as my dog disagrees with them.

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    As part of my winter thinking, I’m going to be rebloging a few oldie posts.

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