Round two of?

I’m seldom surprised at the actions of the European Union but now Belgium has deployed troops following their  “incident” just like France.

What possible good is that apart from putting a show on for the sheeple?
Yet, it is another EU country and that is sort of thought provoking.

Anyway the BBC [Source] reports that:-
Belgium deploys troops following anti-terror raids
Up to 300 soldiers will be mobilised in Brussels, Antwerp and elsewhere.

Add to that “Almost 15,000 troops and police have been mobilised to provide additional security across France “. 

So, I’m thinking German, Holland, any of the other EU countries, or the UK next.
It doesn’t have to be a spectacular either although a killing may clinch media coverage. Especially if the bad guys are martyred.

If I’m right and that occurs, what might that indicate?
A pattern I’m thinking.

Maybe to stir up the whole of Europe against the Muslims.

I wonder how many countries will it take before the whole of Europe reacts as one?
What if the EU unilaterally decides to deport Muslims as being the problem?
Has anyone thought through the ramifications of doing that?
What’s that called? Ethnic cleansing is it?

Perhaps WW3 will not involve the Russians after all.
Shucks the old men of NATO will be disappointed.

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2 Responses to Round two of?

  1. shtfprepper says:

    I do think terrorist attacks will take place in many other countries very, very soon. But, I don’t think that any major reaction will occur, other than normal sabre rattling to get people riled up. What do I believe the reaction should be? Hard to say when you have enemies who are difficult to locate and pin down. Reminds me of Vietnam.

    • I suppose it will go how the media dictate it should go. After all whole sections of the UK were stigmatized by the press as benefit scroungers and the term scum was used openly in the press to describe anyone who dared to claim unemployment or subsistence allowance.
      The government could have shut that down with the wave of a hand BUT they didn’t. Why was that?

      Now take that forward to what is happening in Europe. Soon the media will unite (if they haven’t already) and when given the go ahead the ‘wrong’ article will inflame the sheeple into action. Then all the politicians have to say is “It’s the will of the people”.

      What we are talking about is essentially ethnic cleansing and the world WILL react accordingly to save their “oppressed brothers and sisters”.

      How deep that reaction will be is anyones guess.

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