Time to wake up the sheeple.


US and Britain agree to maintain sanctions on Russia [Source]
Press Trust of India, Washington January 17, 2015 Last Updated at 05:35 IST

This statement alone is another motivator for Russia to speed up its money policies and send it rushing into dumping the USD completely.

BRICS, ever faster tracking into becoming the world’s number one financial force courtesy of the aggression from the US/EU greed and lust for power.

Hasn’t anyone cottoned on that the more you push (using the sanctions process) the faster events will unfold and the faster the USD will be rendered useless?

Financial suicide brought about by a dying superpower and it’s already  financially sick ‘super state’ friends.

What price the Euro, GBP, and USD when they are forced to beg for a decent exchange rate against the Yuan? The new world order won’t exactly be as the big business bankers of the West want, will it?

Or is that the idea, if we can’t win, no one will?

To that end, is this why an extra 1000 UK troops are to be deployed?
Upping the ante with yet another increased show of force.
A blatantly obvious statement to the world that NATO are looking for a fight.

This sort of gunship diplomacy went out with Noah’s Ark and in today’s nuclear tipped volatile world utterly stupid!

If ANY country was surrounded by an increasing aggressive force it’s got to be military SOP, if not commonsense, to match the numbers deployed on their side of the border. With this amount of military numbers, pressure, and close proximity, someone will make a mistake.

Or is that the idea?

A tired radar operator, a spooked SAM site commander, a patrol that “accidentally (on purpose) gets lost” and comes under fire. It’s going to be all too easy to manipulate an incident.

WTF is the world playing at by letting NATO further inflame a situation that could lead to WW3?

Has everyone gone totally demented?

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