PM Cameron, The UK’s Idiot.

[Source] Britain will have the highest employment rate of any major world economy, David Cameron will promise, as he says Britain will be the ‘jobs factory of Europe’ by limiting immigrants’ access to welfare.

David Cameron will promise “full employment” for Britain, as he announces a series of manifesto commitments designed to reduce unemployment to the lowest among the G7 countries.

Our limp dick Prime Minister promises Britain will have highest employment among major economies. EXCEPT IT HAS THAT  NOW with most of the jobs going to migrant workers who can’t find jobs within the EU flooding into Britain grabbing what jobs are available.

[Source BBC Radio 4]
40% of families with kids in the UK do not have an acceptable standard of living due to low wages, benefit cuts, and the cost of living (utility bills, rents, and taxes), and buying the essentials of life i.e. FOOD.

Gawd it gets me so mad that no one will address the problem that the EU is causing us.
A while ago I spoke about politicians dealing with problems by putting a plaster on it and not fixing the problem.

Look in Cameron’s pocket and all you’ll find is hot air, bluster, and B.S.

When will the UK sheeple wake up enough to do something about this inequality, oppression, and the EU’s destruction of our life.

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3 Responses to PM Cameron, The UK’s Idiot.

  1. shtfprepper says:

    I only had to read the blurb that is included in the email I received when you post a new blog thread to know that the bullshit meter is overloaded in Britain with your PM. Unfortunately, both of our countries share some of the same “leadership.”

  2. Same crap here in the U.S., too.

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