Resist, Rebel, and Reclaim.

I am so out of touch nowadays.
As a younger man I took what I needed when I needed it and what I was told to take for duty or money. (In another life).

Age (as always) is a moderator to that sort of motivation but although I try to keep myself acquainted with the happenings in the world, just occasionally I come across something that surprises me.

I should add that I still live my life in the belief that the worst animal in the world is human-kind as to my knowledge not many other species shaft one another for a percentage, religion, greed, envy, or just for the hell of it. (All familiar traits of a politician you’ll note).

So today when I was looking round the web thinking how to express my feelings regarding Religious Tolerance in the UK without swearing too much, I came across one of those anarchy sites my “mummy” aka SWMBO warned me about.

OK I’m pretty certain the thought police will be visiting me before long for doing so seeing as though the UK is the #1 in the world for domestic surveillance.

thoughtpoliceDon’t worry I’m not turning all domestic terrorist ‘Che Guevara’ sort of thing but I did like and more importantly understood their basic mantra of Resist, Rebel, and Reclaim.

resistrebelreclaimIt’s so open-ended. No stated limits, restrictions, or even a firm structure, it allows for change and modification depending on your requirements. Thus it’s applicable for the type of protesting old grannies, young bucks, and older sods like me would consider appropriate.

Anyway I copied this from their website as it sort of explains the manta a lot more simply than  I can.

Resist! Resist what?
Whatever evil there is in your situation and that of those around you. Could be the state, abusive parents, tyrannical schoolteachers, a smarmy boss, the jealous priesthood of whatever religion got jammed down your throat, stupid laws, uncaring “friends”, racism, sexism, whatever. Push back!

Rebel! Against same.

Reclaim! Reclaim what?
Whatever has been taken from you and those around you. Could be your freedom, your identity, your learning, your labor, your mind, your property, your integrity, your emotions, your destiny, your life, whatever. Don’t ask for permission, don’t wait for critical mass, just take it! (The red was my idea and explained below)

The only “tilt” factor I could see was the end line i.e. Don’t ask for permission, don’t wait for critical mass, just take it!

Sort of applicable to me in a ‘grid down’ and/or survival situation as if I need and can’t get by trade, barter, or other, I will take to save me and my own.

Yet I can see how that could be interpreted as “Take the law into your own hands”.

There again how many of us have done just that to right a wrong?

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