World Chaos

All about the Western world’s ability to totally muck things up.
(NATO, The UN, and the EU)
For this post these three will be known as “three stooges”

Why do the “three stooges” keep meddling?
Is it just a power thing, ideology, religion, oil, or just about money?
Whatever it is the world is basically in utter turmoil because of their collective actions.

Everywhere any of the “three stooges” has touched since 9-11 days has turned into a bigger bucket of rat sh#t and chaos since they walked out the door and abandoned it after “saving it from itself” or “negotiating” peace deals.

It’s left more instability, more rebels / terrorists, bigger corruption, infighting, ruined more economies, disrupted more world trade, and increased the overall hatred for all things Western than all the terrorists, modern dictators, and despots, and hostile countries put together!

And all under the banner claim of re-establishing WORLD PEACE!

I can’t think of one  country (Middle East or not) that has had a happy ending.

Can you?

Hell even the Ukraine is a shining example of how the “three stooges” can still screw the pooch! In the short time since that engineered regime change happened, thousands have died, many are still dying, there is open civil war , and the whole of Europe has been adversely affected.

This time the “three stooges” (and the rest of the sheeple world governments in tow) are trying to cover their mistakes by blaming Russia who have been forced into high gear organizing and forging deals (I’m talking about BRICS, the newest world power in waiting) that will ultimately bring down the Western world and the USD in double-quick time.

Not to mention the small matter of Russia finding a more lucrative buyer for ALL their energy resources leaving a potential fuel black hole that Europe can’t possibly fill.

As for disrupting trade within the EU? Nice one guys.
Yet again the situation has got worse. Neighboring and other trading countries with Russia are struggling to survive because of stupid sanctions cutting a huge hole in their market place. The sort of “unintended consequence of stupid thinking” effect so well-known when people meddle in things they know nothing about.

There is also the question of which crazy fools manipulated the oil price crash which recently has put Canada in the mire, all but killed the UK’s North Sea Oil Industry, and sent shock waves through the shale merchants of doom. If it was ever proven to be the ministrations of the US, can you only imagine what the world will regard them as? “Global terrorists” is one phrase I’ve seen when browsing.

It’s like no one with a brain cell is in charge anymore.
Rather like NATO, a group of fat old men who should have been retired years ago, the “three stooges” doctrine of “we know best” is pure unadulterated shite! Heck they don’t even learn by their mistakes failures.

And finally.
When I was brought up I was always told to keep an eye on China. “The sleeping dragon” I was told is just sitting there waiting for the chance to rule the world.

Little did I know at that tender age the demise of all things I would hold dear in later life would be caused by the very people who I was told were the “good guys”.

You guys? You frighten me.
flagsYou sheeple? You frighten me more.

Everyone can see the effects of this nightmare
yet the sheeple just sit back and applaud.
Why is that?

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4 Responses to World Chaos

  1. shtfprepper says:

    Here’s my ultimate wish for my country. I wish we would take care of our own problems first and not spread ourselves out so thin across the globe. Problems such as health care, jobs, education, homeless, etc. I’ve always felt that if we don’t take care of our own issues first and foremost, it makes us a weaker country.

    Thus endeth the sermon. Carry on, soldier.

  2. gamegetterII says:

    The U.S. deserves our own extra special stooge category after 14 years of attempting to install a “democratic” government in the middle east-we still haven’t learned that our idea of a democracy is not the same as it is in the land of the religion of peace-as soon as U.S./NATO leaves the middle east-Iraq,Syria,Egypt,Libya,and now likely Saudi Arabia will be carved up based upon which version of Islam has the highest population in that area.

    • Yep, straight back to the dark ages and tribal divisions.
      Shortly thereafter civil war.
      Shortly thereafter, I wonder who will go in first? The US or the UN?
      There again it could just be Russia AND China buying up everything.
      Now wouldn’t that be fun?

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