Tools, the humble pry bar.

Aka crowbar, wrecking bar, pinch-bar, prise bar, spud bar, jimmy, or gooseneck.

All names for the same thing, a steel bar for opening things.
Don’t forget the longer the bar is, the more force you can apply.
wreakingbarsThe two on the right may need a little explanation, the top one is a Chinese style of roofing axe. A pry bar, hammer, and axe all in one. Really useful round a campsite.
The bottom one is a slaters hammer. For the zombie hunter it doubles as a weapon and that curved spike is like a tool called a duck-bill. A real one is shown next and is an effective if not noisy way of opening a stuck padlock. A Pick axe can be adapted for the same use. Simply slide the spike into a padlock hasp and hit with a lump hammer.
clubhammerSome useful items to include in your survival tool chest.

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  1. shtfprepper says:

    I have a small pry bar (can fit in a cargo pants/shorts pocket) and a concrete demolition pry bar – hammer. Sometimes, the caveman mentality works just as well instead of fancy lock picks or multi tools. (Picture to follow of concrete tool).

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