Part 2. If you can’t pry, cut.

I’m not talking about knives (yet).
This is to do with tools.


These you’ll find in my tool chest as they are the most flexible for me.

Bolt cutters are my favorite tool. 3 feet of sheer cutting power. Slipping a couple of 3 feet pieces of pipe on the handles and the length jumps to 5 feet of leverage.

To the right is the combination pliers. Flat nosed and 12 inches long you’ve plenty of grip on nuts and bolts with a side edge cutter that easily copes with barbed or single wire caging.

Middle right is great for cutting rope and mild steel cable.
OK that might seem a bit strange to most but I use them for fencing jobs, trapping, pruning, cutting phone lines, 50 mm battery leads, and a host of other little jobs. OK they don’t grip but by heck the design CUTS WELL!

The  garden aka pruning saw can make short work of doors and all you need to do is punch a simple hole as a starter and away you go with a coarse cutting wood and PVC door opener. It can come as a folder but if you want that option think LOCK KNIFE to make sure the blade doesn’t close on your fingers.

The number one tool as a companion? The slaters hammer with its duck bill spike. Another unusual use for the garden saw. I am able to cut through laminated windscreen glass and fiberglass. Although you definitely need masks and eye protection!

Food for nasty thought. Note the little modification to the tip.
16 inches of razor-sharp teeth can make the saw a formidable weapon. It doesn’t exactly slice as well as a blade but those sharp green wood cutting teeth make for one VERY messy wound.


Finally the little 12″ hacksaw blade holder.
For slipping between things and cutting away, this tool is brilliant.
You could cut chain (if it was a mild steel) or even a brass padlock although it’s better to cut the lock and forget about the shackle

A word on grip.
Mine isn’t as good as it was and SWMBO is even worse yet we both have those $/£ 1 rubberized gloves which give you a great grip even in the wet.workgloves

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