nightmareWhat do you see when you struggle awake?
Deep wet with sweat, a tingle with dreams.

What can you hear as your head thunders hard,
As your heart pounds in fury, as you woke with a start?

Who’s name do you cry, who’s face do you see,
What person is this, and why in your dreams?

What do you smell which clogs up your nose,
Hot oil, yourself, makes one hell of a smell?

What can you do as you panic within,
Slumber no more just a hot mug of drink?

Why can’t you tell as you sit there and shake,
‘Cause every things black, a blur, and so bleak?

Why don’t you tell, to the love that’s so near,
To protect both of you, and anyone near?

Is there no hope and a night free of dread,
Perhaps in a while, the sleep of the dead?

Paul Gray

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5 Responses to Nightmare

  1. Nightmares……. so real, so haunting, sometimes just to touch another living being is enough to keep them at bay.

  2. equippedcat says:

    Very weird. I can’t ever remember having a “nightmare”. My dreams tend to be calm; the worst are the “boring” ones where I try to do something over and over and it never changes.

    • SWMBO would tell you funnies about being taught by me how to fix all sorts of electronic gear and field stripping weapons as I worked through a difficult fault in my sleep.
      Funny though, when it was a full on bete noire, I’d never say a word just sweat up, get up, and go for a drink.

  3. jlm990 says:

    Been there, done that. Oddly enough it was never about any of the wars I participated in. Just some strange, undefinable terror whose subject was quickly forgotten but the results remained a bit. Usually a shot of whiskey and back to bed solved the issue.

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