UK Forces For Sale

forsaletankWell that’s what it feels like.
I absolutely support the three armed forces and the job they do but honestly just as I thought things couldn’t get any more stupid this crops up.

In the Telegraph newspaper is this [Source]
The Ministry of Defence must prepare to sell off airfields, old barracks and military vehicles to help keep the Armed Forces “fighting fit” and supply those on the front-line with the equipment they need, Michael Fallon will say on Wednesday.

So it would appear that it is necessary to sell the “family silver and real estate” in order to equip the troops. Anyone other than me think that’s a bit worrying?

I’ve got a feeling I know what is coming next.
Soldiers will have to pay for their kit and keep.

You can just see the adverts can’t you.
Join the UK’s modern army where everything is NOT PROVIDED and your safety takes SECOND PLACE to budget constraints. Please ensure you have sufficient funds to buy your own food, kit, and ammunition, during your enlistment!

p.s. We will be charging you rent for your sub standard living accommodation although you will get air miles to and from any conflicts (subject to conditions).

After all they just sold 123 surplus armored vehicles to the Latvian Army for £40 million to “strengthen their friendship with a critical NATO ally”.

Friendship (ROTFL), they needed the cash!

Anyway Latvia? Where’s that?
In the Baltic region of Northern Europe, one of the three Baltic states. It is bordered by Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, and Belarus.

Ahhh, it’s alongside Russia. I get it!
Plus from the 1st of January 2015 until 30th of June 2015, Latvia will hold the Presidency of the council of the EU. I doubly get it.

Can it get any worse? [Source]
21 Jan 2015 – David Cameron has given an “absolute” guarantee that he will not cut the size of the regular army beyond the level already agreed (which was to be 82000) following reports the Ministry of Defence is examining proposals for a force of just 60,000 soldiers.

Speaking in the House of Commons, the prime minister said he could reassure MPs that a further reduction in the number of soldiers was “absolutely not on the table”.

A politician with an expiry date of  Thursday 7 May 2015 making promises?
Yep, I’m now worried lots!

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  1. shtfprepper says:

    “Just” 60,000 soldiers. Throw in the word “just” and the politicians can weasel their way into any deal. When sheep read that particular word, they think those same politicians have investigated their deal and deem it safe. Buffoonery, I say!

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