Cost cutting culture

I’m a VERY OLD school electronics, electrical, computer, radio and telephone repair guy. All my sins exposed in one sentence! Yet the amount of newly manufactured JUNK that finds its way to my table top is going to keep me amused for many years to come.

It seems everything nowadays has the obligatory embedded electronics INCLUDING TOASTERS, and everything is made to work at 110% the rated value of the components THUS things fail. Guaranteed too most of the time.
13 months of use with a 12 month warranty. Sound familiar?

Only what’s the point in repairing a toaster which can be bought for £6 ($10)? I used to repair computer peripherals, screens, keyboards, printers, power supplies, the whole nine yards in fact but not now. Why? Spares are often more expensive than the universal BEYOND ECONOMICAL REPAIR limit I apply i.e. 2/3 the replacement cost.

Except today’s annoyance is when I tried to change a light switch. Sounds simple doesn’t it.
Got a replacement, screwdrivers between my teeth, power off and isolated, and away I went. To find that the wiring was so tight I could have played it like a GUITAR STRING.

Asking round this is the norm now.
Saves on the cost of manufacturing apparently.

Bull Crap it does!

Yet it’s what todays so-called qualified engineers are taught.
Now being all nerdy (and I was well riled by then) I totaled up the lighting and come to 22 circuits. Black and red 16 amp wire (12 volt), so I’ll add 4″ to each wire to allow re-termination (old school engineering).

A grand total of 176 inches (4.5 m) of wire @ 55 p a meter.
£2.48 ($4 as near as damn).

£2.48 ($4) that makes the difference between going a good job and keeping some idiot boss happy and in a nutshell there you have the problem with todays manufacturing philosophy.

Hands up those who hate modern cars?
raised handsSee what I mean!

For the prepper / survivalist the modern electronic fuel injected, engine managed systems is a real pain in the BUTT!
The simplest of faults, the ECU (electronic control unit) goes into a fit of hysterics and that STOP symbol comes up.

Yep, it’s a SNAFU scenario.
Usually something to do with emissions or fuel management, it’s rarely a real fault, just some sensor has got clogged, contaminated, ripped out, or just given up the ghost.

Except all this is just a con built round emissions control.
My old (and don’t laugh) Yugo 45 chucked out LESS emissions than the super new car we have now. All controlled by me and my screwdriver adjusting the mixture and timing. Now, something goes wrong and they “electronically tweak the settings”. WTH, I want to return to the old ways where engineers had grease on their hands not a laptop under their arms!

Some cars have longevity but looking at their electrical systems, you’ve got to wonder why. Everything working to its limits, everything well stressed! Not to mention all ready for the next war when the losers drop a crowd pleasing nuke in desperation, probably within EMP range of me.

I can only speculate who’s “Made In The” plate will be on it too!
Although I have my suspicions. and that’s before the event!




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  1. shtfprepper says:

    I remember when I had a 1975 Chevelle that had a huge engine bay which made everything easy to work on. Nowadays, you can barely fit your hand under a part without screwing up two more!

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