Misplaced Efforts

NJ.Com reports that Woodbridge Patrolman Christopher McClay first used Narcan on Jan. 21, about two hours after he had been trained to administer the drug. His actions helped save the life of a 25-year-old woman who had overdosed in a home. Four days later, he helped save a man who had overdosed in the parking lot of a township business.

Narcan is the drug you give to junkies when they have overdosed on Heroin.

OK I’m going to get hate mail here but WHY BOTHER?
A junkie who OD’s is not something to be excited about because all you’ve done in most cases is prolong the agony of addiction.

Now “saved”, the typical junkie goes on for a bit longer, statistically committing more crime to fund their habit, possibly picking up HIV or Hepatitis from bad needles / sharing, and thus a danger to others through spreading those diseases.

Yet the press suggest it is
a good thing to revive them?

No, not for me, let them go.
The sooner the better.


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6 Responses to Misplaced Efforts

  1. shtfprepper says:

    I learned in EMT class that every single person should receive the same treatment, however distasteful it may be. I certainly understand what you mean though.

    • Yep, that’s what your training is.
      In a security role we used to find junkies shooting up in sites and then THREATENING US with their needles.
      After a while we all started to carry pick axe handles. The police got well mad at that one but still did nothing to protect us only threatening us that any injury we caused would be a criminal offense.

      Funny bit about it? A policeman got stuck with a needle when we called them out to an out of control junkie then wondered why we all laughed.

  2. Harsh, but I see your point.

  3. gamegetterII says:

    All the send them to treatment not prison horsepucky started with the left/liberals here.
    Many of them believe all drugs should be legal-and that by making them all legal,drug use and crime would drop.
    There’s a methadone clinic in about every U.S. city where the junkies can go get free methadone on the days they can’t get heroin for whatever reason.
    Look at it this way-the EMT’s or the cops are going to save a few here and there,but those few are not likely to overdose anywhere near an EMT or cop the next time.
    It did happen to one cop from somewhere around NY/NJ,and supposedly the girl junkie is now clean.
    Anyhow-junkies are going to be junkies,and most just don’t live all that long,if they don’t OD,the HIV,Hep C,or their diseased livers kill ’em.
    Addiction is not a disease-it’s a choice-those who choose to do heroin will be removed from the gene pool due to their own stupidity and weakness.

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