ABS Worked

Driving round in twilight (almost dark) on a wet, muddy, narrow country road I rounded a blind corner to be confronted by a 4X4 with no lights on.

Enough room for two?
Not a cat in hells chance so on went the anchors with about 50 feet between us.

It’s taken me years to stop cadence braking my vehicle on wet dirt as I was taught to as doing so effectively cancels out the effect of the ABS but this time I remembered and put all my weight on the brakes and kept it there.

Cadence braking?
Is an advanced driving technique that involves pumping the brake pedal and is used to allow a car to both steer and brake on a slippery surface. It is used to effect an emergency stop where traction is limited, to reduce the effect of skidding from road wheels locking up under braking.

Judder? Jeez, did it almost yanking the wheel out of my hands as the system tried to cope with the muck on the road.

It worked though with about 10 feet to spare.
He went into the hedge on his side the 4×4 locking up and sliding away.

So, what have we learned?

  • I miss driving a normal car
    (and desperately want a tank for our next encounter).
  • I’ve started to rely on technology (always a bad thing).
  • 4×4 drivers think they can see in the dark.
  • Expensive 4×4’s can’t stop on a sixpence like my little town car can!
  • The heart will restart itself if you don’t die of fright first!
  • That and I can still swear fluently in a number of languages.

And finally, I’m curious.
Every time we go for a drive in adverse conditions, we take our GO bag and the conversation starts with:-

  • “Seat belt fastened, door closed correctly?”
  • “If anything happens you look after yourself and get clear and I’ll sort out me and the dog”.
  • That and “It’s winter, make sure you grab your coat!”

Do you have a routine “patter” you go through as a matter of course so everyone knows what to do in an emergency?

If you have visitors staying over, do you have a conversation about safety and where the best exit routes are?

We do, down to making sure they have a torch alongside their bed and know where the house keys are.

How’s about you?

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