Pathetic Excuses and Reasoning

Police chiefs in the UK want ALL rank-and-file officers to be armed with a Taser in case of a Lee Rigby style terror attack on the streets of Britain. Read on.

Lee Rigby was the soldier who was murdered.
Hacked to death in broad daylight by two Islamic shit head, nut job, extremists.

Local officers had taken nine minutes to arrive, even though the police station was just 300 yards away and they just stood back under orders not to engage. The armed police response time IN THE MIDDLE OF LONDON was 14 minutes. Why did it take so long? All because Scotland Yard “thought” the two scum MAY HAVE explosives.

Ultimately until the armed response arrived, it was left to a couple of unarmed gutsy women to confront the murderers.

Steve White, chairman of the body which represents front-line officers, said acts of terrorism could be carried out anywhere and police needed to be protected.

There to “TO PROTECT AND SERVE” are they? Where was the protection for the public as these two shits were proudly walking round waiting for death by cop martyrdom?

Anyway how exactly is arming the police with Tasers going to stop random killings?

One person with a concealed carry could have sent these two scumbags straight onto the pavement.


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4 Responses to Pathetic Excuses and Reasoning

  1. DM says:

    It has to be maddening to not be able to legally own a firearm, especially after being trained to use it in service of your country. I for one have already thought it through and I will never/ ever willingly give up my pea shooter.

  2. gamegetterII says:

    The police aren’t the ones who need to be armed-citizens are.
    The musloids attack proves the saying “when seconds count-the police are minutes away” to be true.

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