Went Shopping Today


All we wanted was a simple can of tomato soup and crusty bread for our tea.
A once a month treat.
I had a pound coin in my hand as last week we had noted the prices for what was once our favorite Sunday tea.

Only that was last week.
The cans seemed to have shrunk to 400 grams (14 Fl.oz) and were today 50p a can.
As for the bread? A simple “French stick” was now 75p.

£1.25 for our evening meal up by 25p from last week.
That’s 25% more.

We compromised, got the French Stick to have with our stored packet soup.

Yet as we walked round doing our usual “what’s on offer” tour of the UK’s “Walmart” ASDA  supermarket, the little stickers showing the discounted ranges were only present on the most expensive ranges of food and everything is shrinking.

Some items down by 28 to 56 grams (1 to 2 oz) here and there, a packet of 12 is now only 10, 8 had shrunk to 6, and the two for the price of one displays conspicuous by their rarity.

So with our now greatly expanded basket of goods ( 3 things ) we went to the EMPTY checkouts.

Most were manned and most of the operators sat bored, that look that says “Dear God, when is today going to end”.

To add to their pain, we used the self service tills.

We put fuel in the car at another supermarket giant (Tesco) seeing as though most of the pumps were locked off at ASDA. With fuel prices still dropping I suppose they were restricting sales to not lose so much money.

The actual pumps and forecourt at Tesco were open but horribly run down, dirty and unkept.
Even the card reader took two attempts to read the inserted card.
As usual I hit the receipt wanted button. Whirrrrr, nothing.

Right about then I gave up and quietly got back in the car.

We drove to our last stop on the way home, a little ALDI shop we knew.
Only since their populatity has gone through the roof it was PACKED and it was dangerous defensive driving to even get into the car park.

It’s simple to work out why.
They charge realistic prices stacking goods high, selling cheap, and service with a smile, it was literally standing room only! Well to be more accurate an elbow nudge to get you out of the way and a “coming through” with a bulldozer shopping trolley.

We barely got out with our lives as the old grannies jostled with the youngsters over foods, goods, and who’s turn it was for the till!

What struck me most was two trolleys of food went through before us.
Brimming with food stuff, all staple food stuff with “unusual” trade names but who cares. All paid for with folding stuff i.e. CASH. Both £80 a pop.

SWMBO and I looked at each other, our usual weekly shopping bill hardly ever topping £25.

I found myself looking back at the queue we were in and most of the shoppers were struggling with their loads. Then I recalled the long line of bored cashiers in ASDA and the run down TESCO fuel station.

One very posh, very expensive, slick, and very empty, and the fuel station neglected, run down, and not working too well.

It brought a smile to my face when I realized at last that the big guys had shot their load and were now fading into retail obscurity, a victim of their own greed.

Tonight it’s packet vegetable soup and our crusty French Stick.
Costed out as 88p for a meal for two and followed by some nice ham and cheese sandwiches plus the obligatory 2 mugs of tea each of us love with our meals.

Content with our lot and smugly thinking the giant supermarkets are dying.
At last we’ll get our payback on TESCO who’s aggressive land management had once made our life hell and the knowledge that the price fixing cartel of the giants is finally COMING TO AN END!

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10 Responses to Went Shopping Today

  1. shtfprepper says:

    Grocery items shrink while prices are the same or higher. It’s a simple trick that the masses don’t fathom. It ticks me off every now and then when it happens to something I usually buy. As I say ” C’est la vie. “

  2. Maybe T and A now stands for Thanks and Adieu? Finally people are voting with their feet.

  3. OTS Preparedness says:

    Everything this side of the world is going up phenomenally as well.

  4. jlm990 says:

    ALDI is a German chain that has been very successful both in Europe and here. The same with IKEA in those places I have visited them in. Some folks are now reinventing the wheel and realizing that customer service and fair pricing will make them a profit. What a novel idea!

  5. My husband and I were strategizing on how to cut the grocery bill by being more organized and methodical in where and when we buy food. One of the options was shopping at scratch and dents (Surplus Grocers) THEN at a huge local chain, which competes successfully with Costco, Walmart, and Sam’s Club, and Aldi. We plan only to go to our local supermarket for sales and a few dairy products. I’d love to buy local more, but I just can’t afford it anymore. P.S. I really love Aldi for basic food stuffs.

  6. equippedcat says:

    I understand that when costs go up, prices have to rise. What “they” don’t understand (or at least care about) is when prices rise and income does not, less can be bought. This is not a long term winning proposition for anyone.

    And the answer is not to reduce size (well it should not be). Some people won’t catch it, some will. The problem is, what about recipes? It calls for 2 cups shredded cheese and the bag of cheese only holds 1.8 cups? What are we supposed to do? Do the math to reduce the whole recipe by 10%? Buy another bag and “discard” most of it? Give up that recipe? Shred your own cheese from a block (which also is now smaller)? Sucks for us who are both cheap and lazy.

  7. gamegetterII says:

    We get a lot of our groceries from Aldi,prices are great compared to the grocery chains around here.
    Since we have a lot of venison in the freezer,the grocery bill has gone down-or had-one of the kids has moved back in.

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