Keeping the Chaos

I’ve returned the blog to its original state as WordPress and I are technically incompatible i.e. I’m just too thick to understand it all)

cyberwarSo, after totally stressing myself out for no more reason than trying to put some sort of order to my chaotic scribbles, I’m going to have a rest for a while.

sleepmanAfter that, who knows.
Perhaps I’ll go fishing.
(Falklands Style)

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2 Responses to Keeping the Chaos

  1. DM says:

    I know the feeling. I wasted a lot of time attempting to embed a paypal donation button onto my blog so people who felt inclined could leave a little in the coffee fund jar. Finally got it sort of set up but not without a lot of luck, even with the word press “help” pages right in front of me.

    • At least you succeeded.
      After working all night to sort by category, section, and subject, the excel sheet exploded, and my attempts as changing categories off line was an unmitigated disaster. That with the “help” of WordPress.

      SWMBO has been ‘understanding’.

      That and I think she was worried the little laptop might damage the woodwork as it broke light speed on it’s journey to the other side of the boat.

      A flight of a little less than 6’10”.

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