Two Dates I’m watching

Sleep finished but before going fishing,
I want to discuss these TWO DATES.

  1. First Day of Spring 20 March 2015
  2. UK’s General Election 07 May 2015

1. The first Day of Spring 20 March 2015
The traditional desirable GO date for all military planners.
Any campaign started then has 187 days, 6 months to play in.
After that you’re coming into Autumn and then winter.

I want you all to think about that VERY CAREFULLY.

  • There are only 43 days to this date.
    43 days for things to escalate beyond recovery due to the constant goading of Russia by the US dominated NATO.
  • Together with the troops that are already there, more are going to be sent to the Russian borders. In such close proximity, the potential for disaster is immense be it accidental or engineered by NATO.
  • Also, NATO is still whipping up a frenzy of fear and hatred in Russia’s neighbors. To what end though? Could it be a case of setting someone up to take the fall for starting WW3. A tactic known to be used by one particular superpower.
  • Not forgetting the US trying its damnedest to cause a reaction through sanctions which is causing wide-ranging instability in Eastern Europe.

Know what I think?
Whoever shoots first will probably
start World War 3 and I’m guessing
it’ll be one of the ‘good fall guys’.

2. UK’s General Election 07 May 2015
I’m dreading this day or, to be more accurate, the day after.
Austerity, you think the Greeks had it bad?
Just wait till the touted political plans of the many vying for power today are implemented on the population of the UK after the election.

It doesn’t matter who makes up the new government one thing is becoming apparent. They will continue waging TOTAL WAR on the sick, disabled, poor, elderly, and engineer the end of our greatest institution The NHS and it’s free medical care.

I wonder, will the sheeple then finally awake and wage civil war?
There will also be a few Englishmen who will have nothing to lose by leaving the UK. After all people can starve anywhere. Better somewhere warm and away from the tyranny.

But it won’t just end there.
With Europe collapsing, BRICS will take over the world this year with (I suspect) the Yuan as the new international currency of choice. At that point the GBP, Euro, and the soon to be defunct USD, is going to crash with an EPIC THUD on the trading floors of the worlds stock market and foreign exchanges.

If WW3 hasn’t happened before this, it’ll happen soon after.
After all the West has always been a sore loser.

After that?
Four score and ten is the old phrase used to describe a life time.
Anyone care to figure the odds of that bearing in mind what is going on today?

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